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Do I Need to Be Enrolled to Use MyMathLab?

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    OK, so I spent some time in the military and basically lost everything I'd learned in high school to the point where a few months ago even college algebra was difficult. Now that I've spent some time in school and on my own re-aquainting myself with things I'm ready to move onto Calculus. I want to be able to take Calculus II in the Fall but don't want to take an excellerated Calculus I course during the summer - just seems like summer courses are designed for students who need to pass a course to satisfy some requirement. Doesn't really seem to help much if you need that course to pursue upper level courses in that same department.

    At any rate, I've been using MyMathLab with College Algebra and then Trig courses. I want to use MyMathLab to teach myself Calculus without having to pay for attending a course. Is there a way that MyMathLab can be used without enrolling in a course? Or is there a kind of online textbook that is similar to MyMathLab?
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    Or I guess just any interactive software where I can access lots of examples and do problems on my computer would be fine. Like, an interactive Schaum's I guess...
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