Is it normal for a math student to dislike computational math?

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I know I'm not very good in abstract math, but it still feels more challenging and less mundane than the high school and elementary calculus courses I have been trying to bring myself to review nowadays.

Part of me feels complacent about the idea of reviewing stuff I've not touched in quite some time. That part feels like review is unnecessary. On the other hand, I took some online tutoring examinations that suggest that I am not as familiar with the subjects as the site would expect of potential applicants; this is part of the reason why I feel compelled to review.

Even so, practicing problems from textbooks whose contents I am either familiar with or have never needed to use after taking the course still feels mundane and slightly pointless. It feels repetitive, like I'm just doing the same exact problem over again except with different numbers. Although, admittedly, I have not actually done any word problems that would actually test my understanding of the material.
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For repetitive calculations why don't you use a computer?
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The point is to practice material that I might have forgotten, or material that I think would be easy, but would be harder than I had initially foreseen. So naturally, the use of a calculator would be counter-intuitive to reviewing my undergraduate material. I mean, unless your meaning is to write algorithms in code in order to solve these problems.
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You should certainly know how to do calculations from your previous classes (and understand why they work), but I don't think working out many nearly identical problems is a good use of time.
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