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Do new bits cause the expansion and acceleration of the Universe?

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    Here is an article about the Holographic Principle found on Wiki, then please read my comments below:

    If new bits can actually create area (volume as described above), maybe the universe is expanding because its bits are increasing? Maybe since humans have developed computers and we are increasing our knowledge at an ever increasing rate, we are causing the universe to expand? How many bits do we create in one day? If one new bit creates four Plank areas, how many Plank areas do we create in one day? Does the creation of new bits cause the universe to expand? And if it does, wouldn't it accelerate as our bit-creation-rate increases?

    To take it even further:

    I think about the interaction of gas on Jupiter. There are bits describing every particles location, speed, direction, temperature, etc. As those particles interact with one another, new bits must be created in order to describe their new position and speed etc. The old bits must reman in order to describe their history (past position, speed, direction, temperature, etc) I would not think Jupiter causes as much new bit creation as the Earth (I would think this would hold true for the Sun, black holes, etc) and here is why:

    As you sit and read this thread, you are having new thoughts. Your brain is located within the universe, so as you have new thoughts, you create new bits, maybe billions just for this thread. Every new thought that you have has to be described in bits in the hologram. Every person contributes bits constantly. Every computer calculation contributes bits; they have to be described in the hologram as well. As more humans are born, as new computers are built, as our knowledge increases, it takes more and more bits to describe. I think the number of new bits created by us is far greater than Jupiter.

    If you were to describe the entire Earth in bits, including the position of every particle, every particles history, every thought ever had by every person, every computer bit ever created; how much surface area would it take up in a hologram? If one bit is four Plank areas, how big would it be? Would it get bigger every day? Would it actually accelerate?

    And since matter and energy cannot be destroyed, bits can never be erased (the Universe cannot get smaller, and it's history remains intact). New bits must be created (the Universe has to expand, and time must move forward).
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    It is a possibility. Proving it is a different matter. Maldacena has not yet baked those biscuits. It is an interesting, if unproven idea. I am very partial to the concept.
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