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Drill bits are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, almost always of circular cross-section. Drill bits come in many sizes and shapes and can create different kinds of holes in many different materials. In order to create holes drill bits are usually attached to a drill, which powers them to cut through the workpiece, typically by rotation. The drill will grasp the upper end of a bit called the shank in the chuck.
Drill bits come in standard sizes, described in the drill bit sizes article. A comprehensive drill bit and tap size chart lists metric and imperial sized drill bits alongside the required screw tap sizes. There are also certain specialized drill bits that can create holes with a non-circular cross-section.While the term drill may refer to either a drilling machine or a drill bit while in use in a drilling machine, in this article, for clarity, drill bit or bit is used throughout to refer to a bit for use in a drilling machine, and drill refers always to a drilling machine.

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  1. C

    Comp Sci How can 1's complement, and 2's complement have different ranges?

    How can 1's complement, and 2's complement have different ranges? For 1's complement range is for 8 bit register(where first is for sign +, -) from - 127 to 127 and for 2's complement range is from - 128 to 127. I came accros the fact that for 1's complement we have +0 and - 0, why is that and...
  2. K

    Determining 'realmax' and 'realmin'

    Summary:: figuring the 'realmax' and 'realmin' from a hypothetical distribution of bits I am attempting to figure the 'realmax' and the 'realmin' from this hypothetical distribution of bits. I know the largest the mantissa can be is (1-eps), and the smallest is just 1/2. Also I note the...
  3. W

    I How many bits or bytes of information are present in 1 atom

    My guess is the number is huge,but I don't know what transformations from the hip Iwould use to figure this out.
  4. ISamson

    How do computers understand bits?

    Hello. How do computers and electronics understand bit signals and information? how do they process it? I know that a bit consists of ons and offs, but how does the computer understand this and what to do with it?? Is there something I don't understand?:smile: Thank you.
  5. A

    I Quantum bits information lost in black holes

    I have just started googling/youtubeing black holes. One point made repeatedly discussed is the loss of information in black holes. In particular quantum bits. What I have not yet found is very much explanation of what these potentially lost bits might be. So what I would like to know is...
  6. entropy1

    I Are entanglement correlations truly random?

    Suppose we have two truly random sources A and B that generate bits ('0' or '1') synchronously. If we measure the correlation between the respective bits generated, we find a random, ie no, correlation. Now suppose A and B are two detectors that register polarization-entangled photons passing...
  7. Kenneth Adam Miller

    I Why can't all bits of an entanglement be read at once?

    Suppose we have an entanglement state between many qubits. When we measure this state anywhere, the entanglement is destroyed. In quantum computing, we have two bits of parity for each qubit, and we have to re-setup the entanglement state for each qubit to read each piece of information...
  8. N

    Transistors: Tiny Silicon Crystals, Memory Cells, & Shrinking Bits

    Transistors are tiny crystal of silicon. Transistor switch and it's support component are memory cell. A single memory chip can hold up to 4 transistor ? What is the shrinking bit ? Can you please explain?
  9. F

    Electrostatic polarization and paper bits attraction

    Hello, I have been reflecting over this for the past few days. We can charge two insulators by rubbing them against each other. The two materials end up having an equal amount of opposite charge. For example, a glass rod rubbed with silk will become positively charged and the silk negatively...
  10. N

    Downsampling a 23 bit number to 8 bits

    I'm trying to build a system that receives coefficients and performs a Fourier approximation, I need to write the system in VHDL so I'm using tables to simulate sin functions, they output an 8 bit number which is the sin of the input, then I need to multiply each sin with it's given coefficient...
  11. J

    I How are quantum bits implememted?

    Its very easy to pull a logic gate or transistor circuit of the internet for example and begin to understand how it represents physical bits, by either having 5V across the circuit or below 3.3V. But I was wondering what are some of the methods for representing qubits from a hardware...
  12. I

    Number of bits it takes to represent a number

    Is this accurate? $$x = some\_number$$ $$bits(x)= \frac{log(x)}{log(2)}$$
  13. T

    Can probability zero events convey infinite information?

    I know that if you have x states then you need log2(x) bits to encode them. For example a coin has 2 states and you need 1 bit which is log2(2). It also works for numbers between 0 and 1 for example if you halve the amount of states you need to add log2(1/2) bits which is -1. So what does...
  14. RabbitWho

    Binary, base 2, bits, and coin flips

    I am studying psychology and have always been awful at maths (I think it's because I don't have much working memory), I am coming at this as a complete beginner. It is relevant to the Information Processing model of psychology. _____ The book says: Imagine you throw a coin once.. once it lands...
  15. mooncrater

    Minimum and maximum number of bits required....

    Homework Statement Here is this line in my book which says, "Although the minimum number of bits required to code ##2^n## distinct quantities in n, there is no maximum number of bits that may be used for a binary code. For example, the ten decimal digits can be coded with ten bits, and each...
  16. L

    How many bits would an ADC require to measure....

    Homework Statement How many bits would an ADC require to measure the output of the preamp? What minimum frequency would the ADC need to sample at to measure the 4KHz signal accurately? What would the data rate from the ADC need to be at the minimum sample rate? Given a hydrophone with the...
  17. P

    Explaining the Impact of Increasing Bits on Step Height

    Homework Statement I have always learned (and read) that an increase in the number of bits causes the height of the 'step' on the graph to decrease. I tried to think about it but cannot come up with a proper explanation for this. THe books I read do not explain why? Can someone please explain...
  18. S

    Number of bits per pulse width in buffers and delay lines (optical)

    Hi I was working on delay-lines and I wanted to know if a pulse is delayed by 10 pulse lengths through a delay-lines than what is the corresponding storage bit for that delay line. Thanks
  19. C

    What is total parity of bits?

    Below is the extraction from quantum computer book, but I think my question is related to classical computing; "Now let us generalize from one to multiple qubits. Figure 1.6 shows five notable multiple bit classical gates, the AND, OR, XOR (exclusive-OR ), NAND and NOR gates. An important...
  20. anorlunda

    Rocky Bits in Comets: Formation from Dust?

    Wikipedia says "Cometary nuclei are composed of an amalgamation of rock, dust, water ice, and frozen gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, and ammonia.[" I don't see where the rock comes from. In my mind, rock can be formed from dust only by application to lots of heat and...
  21. H

    What percentage of the bits on a CD is dedicated to error-correction?

    Homework Statement On an audio compact disc, digital bits of information are encoded sequentially along a spiral path. Each bit occupies about 0.28 micrometers. A CD player's readout laser scans along the spiral's sequence of bits at a constant speed of about 1.2 m/s as the CD spins. a)...
  22. K

    How many bits should be employed to obtain a resolution

    Homework Statement An A/D converter is to operate with a full-scale voltage of 10V. How many bits should be employed to obtain a resolution of 0.01%? Homework Equations Resolution = Full Scale voltage / (2N - 1) The Attempt at a Solution .01% * 10 V = .01/100 * 10 V = .001...
  23. B

    Use of ancillary bits in quantum computing

    How is an ancillary bit used in a logic gate? I looked at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancilla_(quantum_computing ) as well as Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Nielsen and Chuang, but neither source really explained how an ancillary bit is used (in a logic gate circuit) or...
  24. V

    Representation of numbers in quantum bits

    Hi, A bit is a fundamental unit of information, classically represented as a 0 or 1 in your digital computer. I now number 100 is written in classical bits 0 and 1 as 1100100.Then How to represent 100 in qbits. cheers!
  25. J

    Could the Universe's Mass be Defined by Information Bits?

    I've been thinking somewhat about how to link mass to a number of information bits. Consider the universe as a self-referential representation of information. Each particle in the universe may be defined relative to each other particle in the universe as some number of bits of information. In...
  26. F

    Why Ints are 32 Bits in C#? Exploring the Reasons

    In C#, why did they decide to use 32 bits for storing integers? I understand that 32 = 2^5, but why is this significant? Why not have 30 or whatever number of bits? If the answer is that the registers in 32 bit operating systems are 32 bits long, then why did they decide to have 32 bit registers?
  27. Femme_physics

    Number of bits and resolution my answer VS my teacher's

    Homework Statement A load cell converts weight to voltage. It's known that the transmission of a certain measurement system is 5 mV/kgf In a computerized control system, it is necessary to translate the analog signal, which the transducer sends off, to a digital signal through an A/D...
  28. Jim Kata

    Can all information be expressed as bits?

    I heard Claude Shannon believed all information could be expressed as a string of bits. Is there a theorem supporting this claim, or is this just some kind of folklore belief?
  29. S

    Determining Number of Bits in MAR

    I'm trying to determine how many bits are required in the memory buffer register and in the memory address register given certain memory systems. For example, given the below system, how many bits are needed in MAR, and MBR if the memory is word addressable and how many bits if the memory is...
  30. M

    Carsons rule, which bits go where?

    Homework Statement calculate the frequency deviation using an approximate technique Homework Equations input analogue signal is 1.2kHz min bandwidth to avoid over-sampling is 3.6kHz signal transmitted over 1.1km with a 12kHz bandwidth on a FM carrier Carrier freq is in the GSM reverse...
  31. W

    Engineering Probability question regarding bits used to test a micro-circuit

    Homework Statement In a random pattern of eight bits used to test a micro-circuit, each bit is equally likely to be 0 or 1. Assume the values of the bits are independent. a. What is the probability that all eight bits are 1? b. What is the probability that exactly three of the bits are...
  32. K

    Probability of compressing n random bits by k bits

    Suppose that I have n bits of random data. What is the probability that I can compress it by k bits? A colleague assures me that the largest possible fraction of random inputs that would compress by e.g. 32 bits would be 2^(-32). I am struggling to cope with this. I can see that if I have n...
  33. G

    Engineering Calculating reliable bits of op-amp circuit

    For some reason I can't get the answer right. It is given as 6 bits but I calculated it to be 5. What am I doing wrong?
  34. P

    Calculating Bits for Discrete-Time Signal Quantization

    Homework Statement Consider the following discrete-time signal where the samples are represented using N bits. x(k) = exp(-ckT)μ(k) μ(k) represents the unit step function and T is the Δ between each sample. -How many bits are needed to ensure that the quantization level is less than...
  35. B

    C/C++ Counting '1' Bits in Binary Blocks - Fast C++ Code

    Hi, For example, say we have the binary integer 101010 and I split it into blocks, say (1)(01)(01)(0). The size of the blocks is determined by some function. We want to count the number of '1' bits inside each of these blocks. I'm interested in a fast C++ code to do this. There are fast...
  36. T

    Science bits of Hawking's documentary

    Since the religious bits closed down the other thread, I wanted to mention something about the science bits. Since I didn't see the documentary myself, I can't say whether Hawking got it wrong or was misquoted. But both of these things are dodgy... "It is a zero sum game, positive energy in...
  37. Femme_physics

    How to Handle an Exceeding Number of Digital Output Bits in a System?

    http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/6523/adcon.jpg All is detailed in this image. Is something invalid here?
  38. Femme_physics

    14 bits at the output means 16 bits -2 on the MSB side?

    Just trying to check myself, as 14 bits doesn't seem to make sense...so I want to see how does it make sense. Is what written at the title true?
  39. B

    The human process 11 trillion bits per second

    I'm trying to figure out how many bits of information the human has stored in his mind. I personally believe that information is not stored in atoms in the person's brain but is stored in an immaterial realm and the information is not made of material. We can talk about whether or not that's...
  40. F

    Why 8 Bits = 1 Byte? LED Display & Parity Bit

    I know that one character is one byte, and that is 7 bits + 1 parity bit. Is it made up of 7 bits because on an LED display the figure 8 is made up of 7 segments?
  41. F

    Difference and benefits of qubits compared to regular bits?

    Hello Forum, is someone able to explain, conceptually, in layman terms, the difference and benefits of qubits compared to regular bits? thanks, fisico30
  42. T

    Determine the number of N of digital bits

    On an audio compact disc (CD), digital bits of information are encoded sequentially along a spiral path. Each bit occupies about 0.28 um. A CD player's readout laser scans along the spiral's sequence of bits at a constant speed of about 1.2 m/s as the CD spins. Determine the number N of...
  43. D

    Possible States of n Qubits as opposed to classical bits

    I am reading an introduction to quantum computing and I have a question about one thing I don't understand. "In classical physics, the possible states of a system of n particles, whose individual states can be described by a vector in a two dimensional vector space, form a vector space of 2*n...
  44. Rasalhague

    Converting between bits, nats and dits

    Given a number representing information entropy in some base, is there a well-defined way to convert this to the number which would represent the same entropy according to another base? Most of the definitions I've read so far use bits, but Mathematic uses nats, and Wolfram Alpha says "nats and...
  45. B

    Set bits 18, 19, 20, 21 to 1 ( Mips)

    Homework Statement Set bits 18, 19, 20, and 21 to 1 in register $v0. $v0's other bits should not change. This can be done in two MIPS instructions. Do not use any pseudo-instructions or load any data from memory. You may use any registers that you wish.Homework EquationsHere is more on the...
  46. R

    32 bits process and more than 4 GB of RAM

    If you have a 32 bit processor, does that mean it is useless to have more than 4 GB of RAM, since you wouldn't be able to address those additional locations? So with a 64 bit processor, technically you could buy as much RAM that fills 4 EB (exabytes)? Why does it jump from 32 bits to 64...
  47. J

    Solving Conversion Issues: -19210 & -458 in 8 bits

    Im having some trouble with these conversions, specifically numbers out of the -127 to 128 range, and numbers with bases that are not 10. My book is asking for the 2's complement of -19210 and -458 in 8 bits. Here is my work. -19210 19210 = 110000002 (Do I add on another 0 on the left...
  48. L

    Confused on why magnetic hard drive bits are written as wave stuctures.

    I understand the general aspects of how a hard disk drives works. I have gone deeper and have learned about the various types of magnetoresistance, both AMR and GMR. I understand the fundamentals of how these systems work compared to older units. But people keep telling me that the data...
  49. A

    MATLAB I in partioning bits of random number in matlab

    I need help in partioning bits of random number in matlab! Hey guys, I really need your help here...What i wanted to do actually is to partition the bits into 4 smaller group.. If anyone of you can give me a basic coding of it or maybe u can check if there anything wrong wit my coding...
  50. M

    Transferring bits using the square well

    I realize there are several practical problems with what I say below, but my question is if anything is _theoretically_ wrong with this. I'm just thinking of the problem in 1 dimension right now and ignoring the interaction potential between the particles and people involved (I don't think...