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Do we determine our environment more than our environment determines

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    Do we determine our environment more than our environment determines us?
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    Re: Human...nature

    There is evidence that different human mating strategies around the world are affected by the environment; polyandry, monogamy, polygamy, polygyny and polygynandry (Can you say it without sounding drunk?). Also promiscuity. They can be determined by the harshness of the land. But it is also a cultural thing. As these types of strategies can be designed to keep or accumulate land in the familly.

    It is very circular. As we live in our evironment we influence it and in turn are influenced by it. I am thinking of the theory of the bacteria that once breathed co2 and passed out o2 as a waste product untill the atmostphere was changed to the oxygen rich one it is today.
    I think most certainly we determine it more and more as our technology and population centres grow. A city is basically a human built environment. Perhaps we will end up like the bacteria and have to evolve to suit the world we have changed.
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    Re: Human...nature

    Humans first evolved around 2.5 millions years ago, about the same time that earths climate became more chaotic. Previous to this, there was a time span of about 500,000 years during which human evolution had stalled. Intelligence may have provided a decisive advantage in a changing world. After all, humans are now able to adapt to more climates than any other species.



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