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Do you really want a bigger smartphone?

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    With Apple expected to announce a larger iPhone tomorrow, let's all brace for the...

    Attack of the Giant Cellphones! (CNN.com)
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    That is not the parody I was looking for, but it is also nice.
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    I think battery life and reception quality are still #1 for me. I use an iPhone 5 and could use a bit bigger screen. Not much though. Some of those Android phones are ridiculous.

    This is slightly related but very funny!

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    No, thanks, I don't need a larger phone. I already had to buy cargo pants to be able to carry my S3 in Summer.
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    And after the debacle of Apple Maps, here is MAP:
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    I was in Best Buy the other day and it seemed to me that they already had just about every size of phone covered in half-inch denominations, all the way from 3.5 inch up to almost the size of a tablet. :eek:
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    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3, which (I just measured) has roughly a 5" screen. When I first got it, I thought it was going to be very unwieldy and unfriendly to use, I was not looking forward to having a phone so big. Now that I've had the phone for 2 years, I would never go back to a smaller phone, I love the size and having that much room on the screen is fantastic for me. I'm looking at getting a Nexus 6 as my next phone if it's announced this fall.
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    Larger phone does not equal better. It is just a matter of preference. Also, if you have big hands I can understand that you would like a bigger phone.

    I like the iphone 5 size and the Google Nexus 5 size. Anything bigger than the nexus 5 doesn't feel comfortable in my hand and I wouldn't be able to use it with one hand. Anything smaller than an iphone 5 is too small.
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