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Second small battery in a smartphone

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    Hi guys,

    I'm Chris from Germany. First of all, i'm not an expert in science, biology or electrical engineering. But i would have this question to experts, that's why i'm here. Sorry if my question will sound "dumb" or "easy" but as i said, i don't have any knowledge in this field.

    Is it possible, to have a second battery in a smartphone which can store energy for power and is really really small? For instants, this battery can store 30% of the basic battery energie volume in an iPhone.

    Is something like this avaible? I read some stuff about biological semiconductors, but as i already said, no experience and know-how at all.

    I hope i don't bother you guys.

    Thanks in advanced and best,
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    I don't know about an extra battery small enough to fit inside the phone that will be capable of holding 30% extra energy from full charge; however, I have seen some folks build a portable iPhone charger for next to nothing, and they weren't even engineers, so it's really not all-that difficult to do.
    As far as biological semiconductors, I've never really heard of such things; not saying they don't exist, but, I've never of 'em. Perhaps someone else could enlighten us.
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