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Do you recognise this material?

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    Hello dear friends,

    I have recently found a material that will be really interesting for its tribological properties (for my master thesis)... in the mall !
    10982776_10153301795326259_7850450890602456875_o.jpg 11425214_10153301795301259_5436323274479387249_o.jpg
    It is used in Samsung kitchen ovens : some kind of a joint to hold the cavity separator (a plate that divides the oven cavity in 2).

    You can see the mentioned material in the pictures : black color, with little white dots. It feels like rubber (in terms of plasticity) and its surface is not adherent (slides well).
    Since it is used inside an oven, the working temperature should be at least 300°C.

    Any ideas ?

    Thank you !
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    Most likely way to find out exactly what it is would be to ask Samsung, the manufacturer.
    I imagine they would be pleased to hear of your interest in their design, and I doubt it's something which is exclusive and a 'trade secret'
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