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Homework Help: Do you see a problem with the wording of this chemistry question?

  1. Dec 7, 2015 #1
    I don't need help with the actual question, I just wanted to know if anyone else thinks there's an issue with this question of it it's just me. I've spoke to my tutor and he's confirmed what I need to do so I'm fine on that front, but I was curious if I'm just interpreting the wording incorrectly. So this is the relevant bit...

    So based on the question giving me information about the geometry of the complex, I can draw an energy level diagram. But the question has already told me the geometry of the complex. I just can't see how it makes sense to use my diagram that I constructed based on information I've been given about the geometry of the complex to account for the geometry of the complex. Does that make sense? Is the question fine and I'm just over complicating it?
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    I would interpret it as "consider the geometry of the complex in order to create the diagram" (because it will influence this diagram?).
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    Okay thanks. I think I'm just interpreting "account for" in the wrong way.
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