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Do you use oil or butter when frying eggs?

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    Okay I just saw a video on cracking eggs and this woman used butter into the pan and then cracks the egg into the pan.

    I use sunflower oil. Does anyone know why butter is a substitute?

    Also what does garlic do when you stir fry?

    Is this question way too random?

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    Oil or butter help keep the egg from sticking. Eggs are very sticky in general. The differences between butter and oil usually come down to taste, and to a lesser extent, nutritional value.
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    I use butter because when combined with eggs, I can just HEAR my arteries hardening. :smile:
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    Do you ever make an effort to look up anything? Ever?
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    I gently heat a cast-iron frying-pan, and when the temp seems right, introduce a dollop of butter and crack an egg into it. If you flick a bit of water into the pan, and the drop hops and pops and disappears, it's time for the butter.

    Butter is best for flavorful cooking when you don't need high temperatures to cook your food. If you want to do a stir-fry, use only peanut oil, pre-heat your wok or pan, and wait until the oil has lost that streaky, runny look before adding anything to be cooked. If the oil isn't looking really flat and shiny, it's not yet up to pan temperature.
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    butter!!!! Bacon fat is even better.
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    Yep! Or even fry the eggs after you have browned your salt pork and onions.
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    My girlfriend uses sunflower oil, I use either butter or margarine.
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    I use peanut oil for everything like this. Not for health reasons, I would just as soon eat a stick of butter if it looked appetizing, but I think it makes things taste great.
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    Yep, the best for cooking with cast iron. Especially when its fresh from cooked bacon and then eggs right in the pan.

    Olive oil works well too.

    What someone uses is by their preference.
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    That's not right, my pan doens't stick...
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    Good another woman agrees with me. Now I know I am eating right.
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    While that may be true, the primary reason for oil/butter is indeed so that it does not stick to the pan.

    Presumably, you have a non-stick Teflon pan, which may be why your eggs don't stick.
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    I thought the uses of liquid was to make it cook faster.
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    A good point too.

    So, now we have an experiment: You with your non-stick pan - does it cook an egg dry just as fast as if you used oil?
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    About the same rate honestly. I guess I won't be using oil then.

    Thanks y'all
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    Better to get advice from people you frequently talk with before going to complete strangers. Who knows, maybe PF members have a better sense of taste?

    But I heard using olive oil is better or using a non-stick pan.
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    Butter makes everything taste better. Therefore, I use butter -- lots of butter.
  20. Sep 20, 2011 #19
    My grandmother used to make scrambled eggs with cottage cheese blended in and more boiled in butter rather than fried. They were the best.
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    Chi Meson

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    A bunch of responses...

    I skipped them all because...

    If you are using oil, you are not "frying eggs" you are murdering them. I've said it before in a thread about using Calphalon vs. non-stick pans:

    If you fry/scramble eggs properly in Calphalon (or cast-iron even) they won't stick. If you are not using butter, then you are not doing it properly.

    [/correct answer]
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