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How do you print up a list of files in a folder? I've got about 1500 math and physics ebooks and papers in one folder and I wanted to be able so show someone a list of what I had. I also have a recipie book of "Secret" recipies that tells you how to clone all the popular dishes from major chains. None of the recipies are exactly five star, mostly things like McDonalds, Durkee's, Mrs. Fields, but was wondering if anyone wanted anything like that.
If you are on *nix;
cd /path/to/your/folder
ls > listoffiles.txt
Also see the man entry for ls for useful arguments.


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Not sure what's a good way to do it in Windows - perhaps a screen capture?

Trib, with a window displaying the list of files hit the PRT SCR (print screen) button. This copies a capture of the display window onto a clipboard. You can then open Paint (or other such tool) and hit EDIT -> PASTE. Then save the file and attach it here or upload it to an image server and link it.

I'm interested in the ebook titles.


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Better still, go to the Command Prompt in Windows (usually under Program -> Accessories) and from the path of the parent folder type in:
"dir > ebooktitles.txt"
I'll print up a list of everything I have. I'm still downloading most of this, there is about 4.5 Gigs worth of stuff here though. I should have everything tomorrow or the next day. Someone went to a lot of work to put this together. There is a lot of stuff here. Let me know what you are interested in.
okay here are the different topics:
Algebraic Geometry
Applied mathematics
Category Theory
Collected papers
Commutative Algebra
Complex analysis
CRC Concise Encyclopedia- Mathematics
Differential and Difference Equation
Differential geometry
Elementary Mathematics
Elliptic Curves
Ergodic Theory
Game Theory
Graph Theory
Linear algebra
Mathematical Education
Mathematical History
Mathematical Physics
Mathematical Statistics
Number Theory
Numerical analysis
Probabiliy Theory
Set Theory
Software Texts
Tables and Formulas
Theoretical Computer Science
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Here is the calculus folder's contents:
Volume in drive I:\ is WD Combo
Directory of I:\AudioBooks\Mathematics\Calculus\

(ebook - pdf) mathematics - advanced calculus and analysis.pdf!
(eBook) - Math Calculus Bible.pdf!
(ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - Advanced determinant calculus.pdf!
(ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - Alder - Multivariate Calculus.pdf!
(ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - Foundations Of Calculus.pdf!
(ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - Stochastic Calculus and Finance.pdf!
Advanced calculus.pdf
Advanced Calculus-Loomis L.H., Sternberg S. (2ed., 1990).djv!
Advanced Calculus-Schaum's Outline, 2nd Edition.pdf!
Alder - Multivariate Calculus.pdf
Analysis,Calculus.Difference-eq To Differential-eq.599.pdf!
Aspberg, Bjerklöv, Eriksen, Rosenlund - Talföljder, Summor och Rekursioner.pdf!
Clarke - Fourier Theory.pdf!
Craw - advanced calculus and analysis.pdf!
Differential Forms in Geometric calculus.pdf!
Doe J. - Math Calculus Bible.pdf!
Doe J. - Multivariable!
Dougherty - Vector Calculus.pdf!
Ekholm, Eriksen - Analysens Grunder.pdf!
Elementary calculus.pdf!
Fourier Theory.pdf!
Hestenes D. - Differential Forms in Geometric calculus.pdf!
Higher mathematics, vol.1-Smirnov V.I. (1964).djv!
Higher mathematics, vol.2-Smirnov V.I. (1964).djv!
Holm P. - Elementära funktioner som inte kan integreras elementärt.pdf!
infinate series.pdf!
Intro to Tensor Calculus.pdf!
Jordan C. - Calculus of Finite Differences.pdf!
Keisler - Elementary calculus.pdf!
Math - Calculus of Finite Differences.pdf!
Mathematics - Calculus, Volume 1.pdf
Mathematics - Introduction To Tensor Calculus.pdf!
Mathematics - Tom M Apostol - Calculus vol. 1.pdf!
Mathematics - Tom M Apostol - Calculus vol. 2.pdf!
Monotona Operators and Nonlinear PDE's.pdf!
Noncommutative reimann integration.pdf!
Residue Calculus Evaluation of Infinite Integrals.pdf!
Rike .T - Infinite Series.pdf!
Showalter - Monotone Operators and Nonlinear PDE's.pdf!
Shreve - Stochastic Calculus and Finance.pdf!
Stroyan - Foundations of Calculus.pdf!
Tom M Apostol - Calculus vol. 1.pdf!
Tom M Apostol - Calculus vol. 2.pdf!
Weinstein G. - Advanced calculus.pdf!
Wilf H.S. - Generatingfunctionology.pdf!
Wrede - Theory and problems of advanced calculus (2002).djvu!

46 file(s)
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And here is the Physics folder:
Volume in drive I:\ is WD Combo
Directory of I:\AudioBooks\Mathematics\Physics\

Afraimovich, Hsu. - Lectures on chaotic dynamical systems.djvu!
Aitchison, Hey. Gauge theories in particle physics vol 1 (IOP)(T)(406s).djvu!
Amoroso R.L., Hunter G., et al. Gravitation and Cosmology.djvu!
Anderson M.R..- The mathematical theory of cosmic strings.djvu!
Arias J.M., Lozano M. (eds.) Advanced course in modern nuclear physics (Springer, LNP 581, 20..
Baez J.C., Muniain J.P. Gauge theories, knots, and gravity (WS, 1994)(L)(T)(239s).djvu!
Baez, Segal, Zhou. Introduction to Algebraic and Constructive Quantum Field Theory (PUP, 1992..
Ballentine L Quantum Mechanics - A Modern Development (1998)(T)(673S).djvu!
Bell J Speakable And Unspeakable In Quantum Mechanics (Cup, 1987).djvu!
Berry M. Principles of cosmology and gravitation (CUP, 1976).djvu!
Birmingham, Blau, Rakowski. Topological field theory (PR209, 1991).djvu!!
Brout et al. Primer for black hole quantum physics 1995.djvu!
Brown L.S. Quantum Field Theory (CUP, 1992)(L)(T)(277s).djvu!
Callan C.J. - Topics in advanced quantum mechanics (Princeton lectures, 1996).djvu!
Chaos Theory Tamed-Williams, Garnett.pdf!
Chebotarev A.M. Lectures on quantum probability (2000).djvu!
Chow S.-N., et al. - Dynamical systems (Cetraro lectures).djvu!
Chung T.J. Computational fluid dynamics (CUP, 2002)(T)(1022s).djvu!
Cohen-Tannoudji Introduction to quantum electrodynamics.djvu!
Cohen-Tannoudji.Quantum mechanics, vol.1.djvu!
Cohen-Tannoudji.Quantum mechanics, vol.2.djvu!
Coleman, Hartle, Piran, Weinberg (eds.) Quantum cosmology and baby universes (Proc.Jerusalem ..
Coleman. - Theory of the cosmological constant 1988.djvu!
Collins G. W. - Fundamentals Of Stellar Astrophysics.djvu!
Cooper, Khare, Sukhatme. Supersymmetry and quantum mechanics.djvu!
Dictionary of pure and applied physics (CRC, 2001)(T)(382s).djvu!
Dorfman J.R. - Introduction to Chaos in Nonequilibrium Statistical mechanics.djvu!
Ebook(PDF) Mathematics - An Introductory To Electromagnetics.pdf!
Eguchi, Gilkey, Hanson. - Gravitation, gauge theories and differential geometry.djvu!
Falcke H , Hehl F W - The Galactic Black Hole.djvu!
Falgarone - Turbulence and magnetic fields in astrophysics (2003).djvu!
Felsager B. - Geometry, particles and fields 1983.djvu!
First Course in string theory - B. Zwiebach.pdf!
Galindo A., Pascual P. Quantum mechanics I (Springer, 1990).djvu!
Gambini R., Pullin J. - Loops, knots, gauge theories and quantum gravity.djvu!
Gambini R., Pullin J. Loops, knots, gauge theories and quantum gravity (CUP, 1996).djvu!
Gardiner, Zoller - Quantum Noise (Springer, 2000).djvu!
Goldstein, Classical Mechanics (3rd edition,english,686s).djvu!
Gravitation and gauge fields (1999).djvu!
Gravitation.. an introduction to current research (Wiley, 1962).djvu!
Greiner Termodynamics and Stat.Mechanics(400dpi)(T)(480s).djvu!
Greiner W Classical Mechanics Point Particles And Relativity (Springer, 2004).djvu!
Greiner W. Classical mechanics. Point particles and relativity (Springer, 2004)(T)(510s).djvu..
Greiner W. Quantum mechanics, an introduction (4ed., Springer, 2001)(T)(512s).djvu!
Greiner W., Mueller B. Quantum mechanics.. symmetries (2ed., Springer, 1994)(600dpi)(L)(T)(25..
Greiner W., Muller B. Gauge Theory of Weak Interactions (Springer,2000).djvu!
Griffiths D. Introduction to elementary particles (Wiley, 1987).djvu!
Griffiths D.J. Introduction to electrodynamics (3ed., PH, 1999)(T)(596s).djvu!
Griffiths D.J. Introduction to elementary particles (Wiley, 1987)(T)(405s).djvu!
Griffiths D.J. Introduction to quantum mechanics (PH, 1995)(T)(408s).djvu!
H. Kleinert - Particles and Quantum Fields.djvu!
Haller G. - Chaos Near Resonance 1999.djvu!
Halzen & Martin - Quarks and leptons. Introductory Course in Modern Particle Physics (Wiley, ..
Held, A. (editor) - General relativity and gravitation - 100 years after the birth of Albert ..
Hirth JP, Lothe J. Theory of Dislocations (Wiley, 1982)(T)(435s).djvu!
Huang K Statistical Mechanics (2Ed , Wiley, 1987)(T)(506S).djvu
Huang, K. - Quarks Leptons & Gauge Fields.djvu
Jackson J.D. Classical electrodynamics (Wiley, 1962)(T)(656s).djvu!
Kamefuchi S., et al. (eds.) Foundations of Quantum Mechanics in The Light of New Technology (..
Kilmister C.W. General theory of relativity (Pergamon, 1973).djvu!
Kivelson, Russell (eds.). Introduction to space physics (CUP, 1995)(C)(505s).djvu!
Kleinert - Particles and Quantum Fields.djvu!
Kroeger - Fractal Geometry In Quantum Physics 2000.djvu!
Lawrie I.D. - Unified grand tour of theoretical physics 200.djvu!
Liddle A. Introduction to modern cosmology (2ed., Wiley, 2003)(189s).pdf!
Liddle A. Introduction to modern cosmology (2ed., Wiley, 2003)(T)(189s).djvu!
Millikan RA. - A First Course In Physics.djvu!
Misner, Thorne, Weeler - Gravitation.djvu!
Mohapatra R.N. Unification and supersymmetry.djvu!
Morse and Feshbach Methods of Theoretical Physics - Volume 1.djvu!
Morse and Feshbach Methods of Theoretical Physics - Volume 2.djvu!
Muga J.G., Mayato R.S., Egusquiza I.L. Time in quantum mechanics (Springer LNPm72, 2002)(T)(4..
Neubert M. Heavy-quark symmetry (PR245, 1994).djvu!!
ORourke J Computational Geometry In C.djvu!
Peres A. - Quantum theory, concepts and methods 2002.djvu!
Peskin and Schroeder - Introduction to Quantum Field Theory.djvu!
Phillips A.C. - Introduction to quantum mechanics 2003.djvu!
Physics - Photons And Atoms - Introduction To Quantum Electrodynamics.djvu!
Pilgrim. - Combinations of complex dynamical systems 2003.djvu!
Polchinski J. - String theory vol. 1 1998.djvu!
Polchinski J. - String theory vol. 2 1998.djvu!
Prugovecki E. Quantum mechanics in Hilbert space (AP, 1971)(L)(T)(334s).djvu!
Puri R.R. Mathematical methods of quantum optics (Springer, 2001).djvu!
Quantum Field Theory - Ben Simons - Concepts In Theoretical physics.djvu!
Relativity, thermodynamics and cosmology .djvu!
Sachs R.K., Wu H. - General relativity for mathematicians.djvu!
Sakurai J J Modern Quantum Mechanics (Aw, 1994)(T)(513S).djvu!
Scheinerman, E.R. - Invitation to dynamical systems 1996.djvu!
Schiff L.I. Quantum mechanics (MGH, 1949)(T)(417s).djvu!
Schmidt V.V. The physics of semiconductors.springer.djvu!
Schutz B.F. A first course in general relativity (CUP, 1985).djvu!
Schwarz. - Superstring theory 1982.djvu!
Shankar R. - Principles of quantum mechanics 1994.djvu!
Shankar R. Principles of quantum mechanics (2ed., Plenum, 1994)(T)(453s).djvu!
Sohnius M.F. - Introducing supersymmetry 1985.djvu!
Solutions to Sakurai's Probls. in Quantum Mechanics.pdf!
Stewart J - Advanced General Relativity 1991.djvu!
Sussman G J , Wisdom J , Meyer M E Structure And Interpretation Of Classical Mechanics (Mit, ..
Symmetries of Equations of Quantum Mechanics (AP, 1994).djvu!
Thaller - Visual quantum mechanics (Springer, 1999).djvu!
Thaller B. The Dirac equation (Springer, 1992)(L)(T)(187s).djvu!
The mathematics of diffusion-Crank J (2ed., Oxford, 1975).djv!
Vafa C., Zaslow E. (eds.) Mirror symmetry (Clay monographs 1, AMS, 2003).djvu!
Wald R.M. General relativity (1984)(T)(494s).djvu!
Walls D.F., Milburn G.J. Quantum optics(T)(370s).djvu!
Weinberg - Quantum Theory Of Fields Vol 2 - Modern Applications (1996).djvu!
Weinberg S - The Quantum Theory Of Fields Vol 1 Foundations (Cup 1995)(634S).djvu!
Weinberg S. - Quantum field theory, vol. 3.. Supersymmetry .djvu!
Weinberg S. Quantum field theory, vol. 3.. Supersymmetry (CUP, 2000)(L)(T)(225s).djvu!
Welford W - Useful Optics(T)(76S).djvu!
Wiggins S. - Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.djvu!
Wipf A. Quantum fields near black holes (lectures, 1997).djvu!
Witten - Gravitation - an introduction to current research (1962).djvu!
Zaarur E. Schaums Outline of Quantum Mechanics..djvu!
Ziman J.M. Elements of advanced quantum theory (CUP, 1969)(L)(T)(140s).djvu!
Ziman J.M. Elements of advanced quantum theory (CUP, 1969).djvu!
Zwiebach B. A first course in string theory(T)(369s).djvu!

135 file(s)


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How big are those folders, trib?

PS: Wait a minute...those can't all be ebooks!!!???
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Volume in drive I:\ is WD Combo
Directory of I:\AudioBooks\Mathematics\Algebra\

. <DIR>
.. <DIR>
differential algebra <DIR>
Linear algebra <DIR>

Abstract algebra.pdf.bc!
Algebra - groups.pdf.bc!
Algebra Challenging problems.doc.bc!
Algebra Fuzzy.Kandasami.455.pdf.bc!
Algebraic groups and Discontinuous subgroups.pdf.bc!
Artin E. - Geometric algebra (Interscience).djv.bc!
Ash - Abstract algebra, 1st graduate year course (2000)(T)(308s).djvu.bc!
Atiyah M. et al. - Representation theory of Lie groups (CUP, 1973)(L)(T)(177s).djvu.bc!
Baker - Groups, Symmetry And Fractals (2003).pdf.bc!
Baker - Matrix groups, an introduction to Lie groups (2002)(L)(T)(173s).djvu.bc!
Beachy - Abstract algebra, a study guide.pdf.bc!
Bechtell - Theory of groups (1971)(156s).djvu.bc!
Bergman - An Invitation to General Algebra and Universal!
Bjoerk J.E. - Rings of differential operators(1979).djv.bc!
Borel - Linear Algebraic Groups.djvu.bc!
Borel et al - Algebraic D-modules (1987)(L)(T)(185s).djvu.bc!
Borel, Casselman - Automorphic Forms, Representations, and L-functions.pdf.bc!
Borel, Mostow - Algebraic groups and Discontinuous subgroups.pdf.bc!
Borovik, Borovik - Mirrors and Reflections- The Geometry of Finite Reflection Groups.pdf.bc!
Boundedly Simple Groups.pdf.bc!
Brzezinski - Övningsproblem i Galoisteori.pdf.bc!
Brzezinski - fördjupningskurs i algebra.pdf.bc!
Brzezinski - TAL, RESTER OCH POLYNOM.pdf.bc!
Buium A. - Differential algebra and diophantine geometry (1994)(L)(T)(95s).djvu.bc!
Buium A. - Differential algebraic groups of finite dimension (1992)(L)(T)(79s).djvu.bc!
Burnside - Theory Of Finite Groups (1897)(T)(404S).djvu.bc!
Burris S., Sankappanavar H.P - A Course in Universal Algebra.pdf.bc!
Cahn - Lie!
Cannas da silva, Weinstein - Geometric Models for Noncummutative Algebras.pdf.bc!
Cartier - Representation of p-adic groups (1979).pdf.bc!
Casimirs of the Goldman Lie algebra.pdf.bc!
Chen - Fundamental Problems in Algorithmic Algebra.pdf.bc!
Coutinho - A primer of algebraic D-modules (1995)(L)(T)(110s).djvu.bc!
Cvitanovic - Group Theory.pdf.bc!
Cvitanovic P. - Group theory (Lie and other) 2002.djvu.bc!
Determinants in Geometric!
Differential algebra (AMS, 1950)-Ritt J.F..djv.bc!
Dixon - Problems in group theory (1967)(600dpi)(T)(192s).djvu.bc!
Doe ,J - A primer of Field Theory.pdf.bc!
Doe J. - Inledning till Galoisteori.pdf.bc!
Doe J. - Intro to homological algebra.pdf.bc!
Doe J. - Intro to noncommutative algebra.pdf.bc!
Doe J. - Transformation Groups.pdf.bc!
Doe, J - Abstract!
Douglas - Noncommutative field theory (2001)(T)(53s).djvu.bc!
Ekholm, Eriksen, Rosenlund - Algebra och Kryptografi.pdf.bc!
Fesenko, Kurihara - Invitation to higher local feilds.pdf.bc!
Fulton W., Harris J. Representation theory. A first course (Springer, 1991)(L)(T)(285s).djvu...
Galois Theory,Differential.Put,Singer.409.pdf.bc!
Garret - Intro Abstract Algebra.pdf.bc!
Gelfand S.I., Manin Yu.I. - Methods of homological algebra .djvu.bc!
Gilbert W.J., Nicholson W.K - Modern algebra with applications (2ed., Wiley, 2004).pdf.bc!
Goldschmidt - Group Characters--Symmetric Functions & the Hecke Algebra (1991).pdf.bc!
Gorenstein et al - Classification of finite simple groups (2000)(T)(176s).djvu.bc!
Group Theory.Exceptional Lie Groups As Invariance Groups.Cvitanovic.168.pdf.bc!
Gruenberg - Cohomological topics in group theory (T)(292s).djvu.bc!
Hall - An Elementary Introduction to Groups and Representations (2000).pdf.bc!
Harmonic Analysis on semisimple Lie groups-Varadarajan V.S. (CUP,1989).djv.bc!
Hazewinkel - Handbook of algebra Vol. 1 (1995).djvu.bc!
Hazewinkel - Handbook of algebra Vol. 2 (1996)(L)(T)(449s).djvu.bc!
Heinbockel -!
Hilbert - Theory of algebraic invariants (1993)(K)(T)(203s).djvu.bc!
Hilton P.J., Stammbach U. A Course in Homological Algebra (Springer, 1971)(T)(C)(350s).djvu.bc!
Jacquet - Langlands Automorphic Forms on GL(2).pdf.bc!
Jacquet - Principal L-functions of the linear group (1979).pdf.bc!
Kluwer - Algorithms for computer algebra.djvu.bc!
Knapp - Lie Groups--Beyond an Intro-abstracts (1999).pdf.bc!
Knapp - Representations of GL2(R) and GL2(C) (1979).pdf.bc!
Knutson - Universal enveloping algebras, verma modules and degrees of a lie group (2002).pdf...
Kolchin E.R. - Differential algebra and algebraic groups (AP, 1973)(L)(T)(234s).djvu.bc!
Kolchin E.R. - Differential algebraic groups 1985.djvu.bc!
Kostrikin A.I., Shafarevich I.R. Algebra I. Basic notions of algebra (Enc.Math.Sci.11, Spring..
Kurland - Intersection Pairings on Conley!
Kurosh - Theory Of Groups, Vol 1 (1960)(T)(272S).djvu.bc!
Kuttler, K. - Introduction to linear algebra for mathematicians (lecture notes, 2003)(T)(320s..
Lady, E.L - Finite Rank Torsion Free Modules Over Dedekind!
Langlands - Base Change For GL(2).pdf.bc!
Lectures on Matricies(full).pdf.bc!
Linear Algebra (1).pdf.bc!
Lusztig - Some remarks on supercuspidal representations of p-adic semisimple groups (1979).pd..
Math Resource Part I - Algebra.pdf.bc!
Mathematics - Complex Algebra 2001.pdf.bc!
Mathematics - Fundamental Problems in Algorithmic Algebra.pdf.bc!
Mathematics - Workbook in Higher Algebra.pdf.bc!
Matrix algebra.PDF.bc!
Metabelian Groups.pdf.bc!
Michor - Isometric Actions of Lie Groups and!
Milicic - Lectures on Lie Groups.pdf.bc!
Milne - Fileds and Galois Theory.pdf.bc!
Milne - GROUP THEORY (1996).pdf.bc!
Mishra B. - Algorithmic algebra (Springer, 1993)(L)(T)(216s).djvu.bc!
Quillen,Daniel G.- Homotopical Algebra (Springer LNM 43, 1967)(L)(T)(82s).djvu.bc!
Ritt - Differential Algebra.pdf.bc!
Ritt J.F. Differential algebra (AMS, 1950)(T)(189s).djvu.bc!
Smarandache - Algebraic Structures.rar.bc!
Stenstrom - algebra.pdf.bc!
Surowski - Workbook in Higher Algebra.pdf.bc!
Tournier E. (ed.) Computer algebra and differential equations (Cambridge 1994)(L)(T)(130s).dj..
Van der Put, Singer - Differential Galois!
Venkatamarana - Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups, L-Functions and Automorphic.pdf.bc!
Vermani L.R. An elementary approach to homological algebra (CRC, 2003)(T)(316s).djvu.bc!
Volume 9 Fuzzy Algebra.pdf.bc!
Ward ,T -Entropy of Compact Group!
Wedderburn - Lectures on Matricies(full).pdf.bc!
Wilkins - Intro to Galois Theory.pdf.bc!
Wilkins - Topics in Group Theory.pdf.bc!

123 file(s)


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You've been busy. Nice collection. :approve:
Gokul43201 said:
How big are those folders, trib?

PS: Wait a minute...those can't all be ebooks!!!???
they are ebooks at least according to my definition, though most of these are only 10-50 page papers there are also several textbooks. the average file size is probably around 2MB. but they range from 50kb to 75MB.


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Is it silly of me to ask how many of these are public domain or otherwise legal versions?
I'm not sure about the textbooks, but the papers are all public domain. I think the textbooks are as well, but I have no proof of that.


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Wow! What a library I'm so envious.


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tribdog said:
I'm not sure about the textbooks, but the papers are all public domain. I think the textbooks are as well, but I have no proof of that.
I think most 'textbooks' are copyrighted, although old one's might have an expired copyright unless the publisher applies the revised copyright laws, or those are granted automatically.
You have some papers in your collection written by my math advisor :surprised


want help tribdog

hi trib dog am interested in some book in the list how can i get an electronic copy of these books
and thx for help
tribdog, do you have the recipe for panda express orange chicken? Or pizza hut boneless wings? O_O

Anyway, that's an amazing collection you have. Jeez O.O
Tribdog could you tell me where you found the torrent for those books?
That's a crapload of e-books so I assume it's a single torrent with a whole lot of e-books. Either that or you've been really busy finding the individual torrents. :smile:


Homework Helper
To get a list of files from DOS, Windows, open a DOS console box, and enter:

attrib *.* /s >list.txt

or enter:

dir *.* /b /s >list.txt

Afterwards, you'll have to edit list.txt and delete the entry for list.txt.
big man said:
Tribdog could you tell me where you found the torrent for those books?
That's a crapload of e-books so I assume it's a single torrent with a whole lot of e-books. Either that or you've been really busy finding the individual torrents. :smile:
demonoid .com

Can you post a link to those books, i couldn't find them on

I'd rather not, if the textbooks aren't public domain I don't want to associate PF with anything illegal. a simple search at demonoid for math turned up the torrent. it's called Mathematics and Physics and it's about 4Gb
Panda Express® Orange Flavored Chicken
As far as Chinese food goes, I think the stuff these guys
throw together in sizzling woks is surprisingly tasty for
a takeout chain. This dish is something of a twist on the
traditional sweet and sour chicken commonly found at Chinese
restaurants over the years. This popular menu item has a
delicious, citrus-laced, tangy-sweet sauce with a spicy nip
the regulars find truly addictive. The chain claims to cook
all of its food in woks, including sauces. But this homegrown
version will work fine, whether you go for a wok, or not.
1 1/2 cups water
2 tablespoons orange juice
1 cup packed dark brown sugar
1/3 cup rice vinegar
2 1/2 tablespoons soy sauce
1/4 cup plus 1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon minced water chestnuts
1/2 teaspoon minced fresh ginger
1/4 teaspoon minced garlic
1 rounded teaspoon chopped green onion
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
5 teaspoons cornstarch
2 teaspoons arrowroot
3 tablespoons water
4 chicken breast fillets
1 cup ice water
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups unsifted cake flour
2 to 4 cups vegetable oil
1. Combine all of the sauce ingredients - except the cornstarch,
arrowroot, and 3 tablespoons of water - in a small saucepan over
high heat. Stir often while bringing mixture to a boil. When sauce
reaches a boil, remove it from heat and allow it to cool a bit,uncovered.
2. Slice chicken breasts into bite-size chunks. Remove exactly 1
cup of the marinade from the pan and pour it over the chicken in
a large resealable plastic bag or other container which allows
the chicken to be completely covered with the marinade. The chicken
should marinate for at least a couple hours. Cover the remaining
sauce and leave it to cool until the chicken is ready.
3. When chicken has marinated, preheat 2 inches of vegetable oil
in a wok or skillet to 350 degrees.
4. Combine cornstarch with arrowroot in a small bowl, then add 3
tablespoons of water. Stir until cornstarch and arrowroot have
dissolved. Pour this mixture into the sauce and set the pan over
high heat. When sauce begins to bubble and thicken, cover and
remove it from heat.
5. Beat together the ice water and egg in a medium bowl. Add baking
soda and salt.
6. Add 3/4 cup of the flour and stir with a fork just until the
flour in blended into the mixture. The batter should still be lumpy.
7. Sprinkle another 1/4 cup of flour on top of the batter and mix
with only one or two strokes. Most of the new flour will still
floating on top of the mixture. Put the remaining flour (1/2 cup)
into a separate medium bowl.
8. Dip each piece of chicken first into the flour, then into the
batter. Let some of the batter drip off and then slide the chicken
into the oil. Fry up to 1/2 of the chicken pieces at a time for
3 to 4 minutes, or until golden brown. Flip the chicken over halfway
through the cooking time. Remove the chicken to a rack or paper
towels to drain.
9. As the chicken cooks, reheat the sauce left covered on the stove.
Stir occasionally.
10. When all of the chicken is done, pour it into a large bowl,
and cover with the thickened sauce. Stir gently until all of the
pieces are well coated.
Serves four.


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At least that recipe has orange in it. I think you've just made Evo very happy! Maybe Evo child will get fed something other than chili this week afterall. :biggrin:

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