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Does a black hole have a temperature profile?

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    I was interested in the region from the event horizon towards the centre of a black hole. That is, the region from the centre of the singularity to the edge of the event horizon where the escape velocity is the speed of light.

    Does this region have a non-zero temperature profile?

    What happens to space-time and matter-energy just inside the event horizon?
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    1) Interesting question. I think that the area inside the event horizon to the center of the black hole might have a temperature because the matter/light is being compressed so tightly I would assume that the temperature would raise a few degrees for a few seconds, until the coldness of space cooled it down again, thus, giving the surrounding area a little bit of heat. But, we can't see into event horizons so we have nothing to worry about really.
    2) Well, time slows down a lot when you get closer to the event horizon. As for matter/energy and actual space, I am not sure.
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    ...but doesnt Einstein's theory imply that space-time ceases to exist just inside the event horizon?

    Thats the issue I have with balck holes - there are the real black holes in nature and there are the mathematical BLACK HOLE constructs given by theory

    Something else is happening inside a black hole that is not described by General Relativity (actually what I am asking is "does General relativity break down at the event horizon or deeper inside the black hole at the singularity point?)
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