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I Does a humam body movement generate a vacumm trail? and more

  1. Oct 20, 2016 #1
    I will start with an excuse, sorry english is not my main lenguage and i dont practice grammar that much, it is my first time in these forums so be kind, i hope i posted on the right forum thank you for the comprehension.
    When you move your arm for example do you generate a trail of vacuum behind it? and does the air ocupating the vacuum space generate force?
    I got as especific is i could get if you need anymore values for the calculations ask,i can give preety much anything.
    How would you calculate:
    What would be the nescessary velocity for a 60cm³ random body part of you (volume) to generate enough vacuum so the air ocupating it space would generate 78 megapascal of pressure on a circle of 3 meter radius?
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    Welcome to PF!

    What I think you are referring to is aerodynamic drag. There is a higher pressure area in front of you and a lower pressure area behind. But 78 megapascal? Atmospheric pressure is only 0.1 megapascals, so no...
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    I was expecting an absurd number, something actually inhumanly posible, and yes i think aerodynamic drag is watch i'm refeering to, it is the air ocupating the vacuum created by movement right?
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