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Does anyone know a website/book that teaches you concepts?

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    Does anyone know a website/book that teaches you concepts??

    I need another source to accommodate me in my Pre-Cal/Math Analysis studies. Sometimes, my teacher just admubrates the concepts and the book gives abstruse explanations or an inadequate amount of examples to make me understand it fully. A website would be the best, the second would probably be a common book in which I can check out from the public/school's library. Thanks a bunch! :smile:
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    Why not post your questions here at PF? :smile:
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    My suggestion would be videos, as they are more visual then text, requires less focus to use and learn from as well as provide numerous examples in my opinion.

    University of Idaho has made videos of some of their pre-calculus courses that can provide a useful tool for you.

    http://www.sci.uidaho.edu/polya/math160flash/contents.html [Broken]
    http://www.sci.uidaho.edu/polya/math143/video_instruction/video_instruction.htm [Broken]
    http://www.sci.uidaho.edu/polya/math108/video_instruction/video_instruction.htm [Broken]

    As I am not really sure on what level you are at, this is all I can provide you with at this moment. The video clips require RealPlayer.
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    Haha, arildno.. Yeah but sometimes I don't get my questions answered on time. Anyways, I'm a visual learner and it's better for me to have the information in front of me in a way that I can easily understand it.

    Thanks EmilK for the links, I'll be sure to check them out!
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