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I Does bosonic superpartners create new fundamental forces?

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    in broken supersymmetry every fermion has a super partner that is a boson, with same internal quantum numbers, except mass. i.e superpartner of an electron is a selectron, which is a boson.

    in QFT gauge bosons are force carriers. gauge bosons with mass create a force that is short-ranged,

    wouldn't each and every fermion in the SM in SUSY create a gauge boson that is the susy-partner of a fermion, that also creates a new fundamental force of nature? all of these forces would be short-ranged.

    is there any experimental evidence of new, short-ranged fundamental forces predicted by SUSY associated with squarks selectrons stops, sneutrinos, etc?
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    The definition of "force" or "interaction" is a bit arbitrary. They would not create something like the interactions we know, but in general they can have some (very weak) effects.
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    any specific predictions? there are many fermions, so there should be equal number of susy-partner bosons.

    also do the anti-matter counterparts of fermions also have susy-partner bosons? i.e spositron
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