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Does coffee help your scientific learning?

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    I haven't been drinking coffee for a couple of years due to avoiding any substance that alters psychology significantly.

    But now I'd like to accelerate studying for a while. Will coffee help me?

    And what are the best practices about it?
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    I'm a coffee drinker, but I do not recommend getting started. I've been slowly weening myself off for a week now cutting back. What coffee will do is make you jittery, then make you feel slow the days you don't have it or have less.

    I don't think it'll "accelerate" anything. If anything it might make you too unable to focus on one thing to be of any help, and actually be detrimental. Though it WILL wake you up in the morning, so will 50 pushups and a cold shower.

    I'd recommend alternate study habits if you need to speed things up. I go to a coffee shop, put in some noise-impeding earbuds and work/study. (I don't actually listen to anything). Basically it removes the temptation to procrastinate by allowing me an environment where the internet is too slow for fun and all I can do is study, and removes noisy distractions by accidentally overhearing other peoples conservations.
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    Yeah but how do you know you aren't already "accelerated" :biggrin:
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    I don't think it will accelerate any thing but it will probably increase the time you spend studying.
    As for me I use coffee with green tea it takes off the edge and jitteriness associated with it. The ideal ratio of Tea and coffee differs from person to person, though most people recommend 2 cups of tea per one cup coffee; I have found that one is enough for Me.
    Oh and it also provides a lot of antioxidants.
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    Interesting coffee facts:
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    please do not observe coffee machine.
    it will change quantum states.
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    I used to basically drink coffee all day long. It helped me in the days before I started college, because I was working for a tree service for a few years doing labor, and mostly running a bucket truck. It helped give me a boost then, and kept me going through the day. I've cut back on it a lot over the last year and a half or so though. I still have a couple cups every morning when I wake up, but I don't let myself drink it through the day anymore unless I'm excessively tired.
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