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Engineering Does engineering always require designing ?

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    does engineering always require designing ??

    As mentioned in the title , i would like to ask that does engineering always require designing ? Im currently in high school , and the reason i plan to for mechanical or electrical engineering is because it has physics and maths , and involves problem solving... However designing new things is more like art..
    So a basic question , does being an engineer require you to have designing skills or is designing like a seperate branch of enginerring ?
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    Re: does engineering always require designing ??

    No. I don't design anything and if I get to continue down this career path I will never design anything.
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    Re: does engineering always require designing ??

    The word "design" has several meanings. In the context of the "art" type of design that you mention, you may have some opportunities to do a bit of that in some engineering assignments, but it is unusual.

    The more typical "design" that you do is to figure out the best way to make something that your Marketing department (or other customers) are asking for. You figure out the best hardware/software/firmware/etc., to get the task done, and then you design, build, test, re-design, etc., until you have a good viable product. You then have a lot of other tasks like Manufacturing Test Support, Documentation Support, Customer Support, etc., that will take up a lot of your time at work.

    And they you move on to the next project, and do it all over again (all while supporting your previous product(s) that you've worked on....).
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    Re: does engineering always require designing ??

    Some engineers go into design and they there in their career. They would normally do drawings and perhaps some analysis. Other engineers go into analysis, and they analytical calculations in support of a design. Still others to modeling and simulation, beyond standard analysis, and other engineers develop the methods used in design, analysis and modeling and simulation. Then there are those who to design and analysis, and or modeling and simulation. The more areas in which one is proficient, the better.
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