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Does ethanol evaporate in dried food?

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    I was wondering, if ethanol is used in a food, as it commonly is with food flavorings (as a solvent), and that food is then dried out such that It is made into a powder or cereal or something, does all the ethanol completely evaporate? I know ethanol is very volatile and has a low boiling point, but does that mean that if, say, a person with an ethanol allergy eats this food, he won't be affected because there's no traces of ethanol?
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    Doug Huffman

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    Yes, if ethanol allergic reaction is the criterion. Ethanol is an essential and integral component of metabolism, humans producing it in grams per day quantities.

    Unfortunately an assertion of non-existence cannot be sustained without examination of the entire universe of discussion, searching for the Black Swan of induction, and not possible here for the 7 Billion humans.
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    Haha good point. The reason I said ethanol allergy was because I figured if someone would be deadly allergic to a food if it had any traces of ethanol in it, then being able to eat it probably means its good enough.

    On a side note, is it even possible to have ethanol present after drying? Can ethanol form a powder if dried? Or is it a safe assumption that if the food is dry then ethanol is gone?
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    Ethanol is gone long before water is gone. And no, it can't take a powdered form.
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