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Does inviscid mean shear stress is negligible?

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    I have this flow with Reynold's number in the 10^5, which I think it's big enough to treat the fluid as inviscid, does this also mean I can assume the shear stress is negligible?
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    First, what does inviscid mean, by definition?

    Second, just because the flow is 10^5 does not mean you can ignore shear stress. What is the object under consideration?
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    It's a sphere with radius R immersed in water of velocity V. I'm asked to calculate the drag on it. I know the formula for drag is integral of Pcos theta dA + integral of shear stress sin theta dA . And I am not given any information regarding the shear stress, so I thought since the Re is pretty big, we might just treat the shear stress as negligible so only the first term of the equation needs to be calculated.
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    You could assume inviscid flow but its probably not an accurate assumption. Whats the viscosity or what fluid are you using?
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    If u are talking about term "Inviscid"....then u are correct.. its means flow is non viscous ,,,that in return means SHEAR STRESSES are minimum and can be neglected
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