What is Shear stress: Definition and 252 Discussions

Shear stress, often denoted by τ (Greek: tau), is the component of stress coplanar with a material cross section. It arises from the shear force, the component of force vector parallel to the material cross section. Normal stress, on the other hand, arises from the force vector component perpendicular to the material cross section on which it acts.

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  1. F

    Spring and its shear, torsion, tensile stresses...

    Hello Forum, After watching a video on how some insects can achieve amazing accelerations (hundreds of gs) by using their bodies like springs (instead of just using muscle generated forces to propel themselves), I started thinking about springs again and wanted to check some concepts and...
  2. salamikorv

    Engineering Shear stress problem: What decides the sign of Tau_V?

    Im so confused on these solutions here for the shear stresses. Why is Tau_V sometimes negative and sometimes positive? Can someone please explain this and maybe illustrate? Here for example. Heres the solution for problem b): Here Tau_V (talking about F_xQ/(Ir) ) is negative, so how im...
  3. M

    Engineering Calculating the safe load of a glued structure with given shear stress

    I have tried to calculate the safe load with the equation of maximum shear stress, A = 4*6*10^-4, and the given shear stress 5MPa, but I couldn't seem to get the right answer which is 18kN.
  4. greg_rack

    Engineering Transverse shear stress calculation in non-slender built up members

    Hi guys, this is an exercise I have been tasked to solve for an assignment. First of explaining you what I have done to solve it using the shear equation, in order to find the maximum shear stress and the shear flow in the juncture, one big question: how is it legal to utilize the shear formula...
  5. curiousPep

    Hertzian contact pressure & shear stress

    Hello, I am trying to get some intuition about the direction of the shear stress caused by the Hertz contact pressure. Once I exert some pressure downwards on a spherical object the direction of the Hertz pressure will be upwards. However, this case some shear stress to exist, but I can't see...
  6. Moara

    Engineering Maximum normal stress and shear stress

    First, I am trying to find the external reactions in A and B, but I have only one equation relating ##V_A## and ##V_B##, what other relation could I use ? Once I find the reactions, I can find the external moment as well. Then, I may draw the diagram of moments in each cross section and then...
  7. Rob B

    Shear stress damage due to thermal gradient

    I'm trying to use my rudimentary understanding of material physics to understand a simple problem, and am getting stuck - I hope you can help! My idealized case involves a sheet of infinite extent in length and width direction, to which a linear thermal gradient in the depth dimension is...
  8. H

    How to calculate the maximum stress in a rib of a complex construction

    A Construction is stiffened by a bottemplate with welded ribs. A flange welded to the inletpipe is bolted at the botomplate. I want to simulate the current situation. Therfore I need a handcalculation of the stresses in the ribs of the constuction. The forces and moments are working in the worst...
  9. L

    Engineering Understanding Shear Stress Theories: Moors Circle & McGraw Hill

    Hello:) Our homework is done through mcgraw hill connect. I am able to see the solution to the problem and it contradicts what the book and powerpoint says. according to the powerpoint given by my professor, moors circle, sigma1 = Sy or yield strength. Powerpoint also states that sigma(x) is...
  10. G

    Shear stress distribution for a tapered beam

    I am reading a journal article from Balduzzi about shear stress recover on tapered beams. I can not get the exact constants he gets and I am stumped. Above is solving for differential piece of the beam. Equations 16-18 are the ones I am trying to calculate. I attached my work and the...
  11. FEAnalyst

    Maximum shear stress in an assymetric cross-section

    Hi, the formula for average shear stress in cross-section due to bending is simple: $$\tau=\frac{V}{A}$$ There’s also a formula for maximum shear stress in cross-section: $$\tau_{max}=\frac{VQ}{Ib}$$ But, from what I know, this equation is limited to symmetric cross-sections (rectangular, I...
  12. B

    Engineering Angle of twist and Shear stress in a shaft

    Hello, I have attempted the question below. I think i have correctly completed the question. Could anyone see if i have gone wrong? As trying to learn this. I am just worried about the units m to mm. Also the answer being correct, 917.6Gpa. I was unsure what units to use on the answer...
  13. B

    What is the shear stress in a lap joint with a double lap configuration?

    Here is a MCQ which I'm struggling to answer The option with a red dot is the answer I chosen and think is right I know that stress is equal to force/area Area i.e. the cross sectional area of a circle is (pi*d2)/4 Looking at the simple lap joint, force is simple P netwons hence stress is...
  14. P

    Calculate the maximum vertical point force P that this beam can sustain

    A simply-supported steel beam with a vertical point force P is shown in Fig. 2(a). A cross-section of the beam, which is composed of two identical C-shaped members bolted back-to-back, is shown in Fig. 2(b). Both C-shaped members have a uniform thickness of 1 cm. Pairs of bolts are located at a...
  15. A

    Shear Force on Bolts mounting gearbox to engine

    Hello, I have designed a gearbox that bolts on to a fixed engine and fixed pump. It is completely supported by them. The total mass of the gearbox and the components attaching it to the engine and pump is 7.7kg. Its centre of mass is 0.167m along the x-axis and 0.09m along the z-axis from the...
  16. L

    Integral for the calculation of torque

    Hello, I found an integral to calculate the torque from the applied torsional shear stress, and I didn't find an explanation of how this integral is deviated. Where does it come from? Could someone explain? T = ∫τ⋅r⋅dA = ∫τ⋅2πr⋅dr, where T is the torque and τ the shear stress. Thanks a lot!
  17. J

    Shear stress, Direct stress and factor of safety -- help please

    hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for some much needed help/guidance as i have absolutely no idea on how to workout my assignment! any help would be much appreciated
  18. A

    Shear Stress Distribution Along a Beam

    I know that shear stress in horizontal beams has a parabolic distribution, so that the max shear stress occurs at the neutral axis. I also understand that for a beam subject to a distributed load with supports at its ends, the magnitude of the shear force is highest at the left and right ends of...
  19. M

    Calculating Shear Force between a Moving Film and a Cylinder

    If I have a catheter covered in a thin sheathe (think a cylinder, covered by a thin plastic film), how should I go about calculating the shear force it takes to unsheathe the catheter from the sheath (no torque here, just the catheter moving in and out)? I've thought about strain gauges (but...
  20. vivek_salman

    Shearing / Cutting Force - Rubber bale

    I have been assigned by my tutor to design a hydraulic guillotine (rubber bale cutter). After designing its features of the hydraulic, cutting blade etc. I tried to calculate the force needed of cutting a piece of Rubber bale (Natural as reference) having an ultimate tensile strength of 30 MPa...
  21. naji0044

    Find an expression for the shear stress of this figure

    Summary: I have trouble to define the y distance in my coordinatesystem I need to find an expression for the shear stress on the I figure, where the green parabola illustrates the function. I made a cut, where I defined the length from the start of figure I to the cut as z1. The formula for...
  22. E

    Show that a tilted free liquid surface undergoes shear stress

    i really can't understand the answer of this question, is the question 1.3 in fluid mechanics by Frank ,M White For the triangular element in Fig P1.3, show that a tilted free liquid surface, in contact with an atmosphere at pressure pa, must undergo shear stress and hence begin to flow. i...
  23. W

    Deformation under eccentric shear stress

    Hi, Starting with an example to clarify what I am looking for. Assume an extension force applied on a distance from the centroid/neutral axis of a body: see attached, please. As result, bending force besides the tensile force will be generated in that body as presented in section A-A in the...
  24. Rahulx084

    Shear stress direction and the velocity gradient

    1)In a flowing fluid in laminar fashion we know that it flows in planes which slides over each other, Let's take a fluid element (cylindrical) in a pipe(Radius=R) the resistive force is (stress)(cross section area of cylinder with radius 'r') acting in backward direction, now if I take Flow...
  25. M

    Question about Shear Stress in Simply Supported Beam

    The scenario is: we have a simply supported beam, with the supports being an arbitrary distance inward from the outer edge of the beam (both are the same distance from their edges such that the beam is symmetrical about its centre). The beam also experiences uniform loading across the entirety...
  26. X

    Max Shear Stress in 3D Stress State?

    Hi, there's no particular question I need help on - just a few things I need clarifying. To determine the max shear stress, I know max shear stress = (max normal stress - min normal stress)/2, but are these equations true for a 3D stress state? (please look at attached image) Thank you
  27. R

    Soil Mechanics - Shear Stress in a Soil Sample

    Homework Statement Two consolidated and drained (CO) triaxial compression tests (tests A and 8) were conducted on dense dry sand at the same void ratio. Test A had a cell pressure of 150 kPa, while in test B the cell pressure was 600 kPa (u=OkPa). These stresses were held constant throughout...
  28. E

    Possible to calculate shear stress from this?

    Ok, so I would like to know if something is possible. I have a bamboo ring, which has been cut in half, and had a piece of fabric soaked in epoxy placed in between to act as a flange. Under compression, the main failure occurs at the fabric/bamboo connection, as a result of shear stress. Is...
  29. EastWindBreaks

    Where did torsional shear stress in the x-y plane came from?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations maximum torsional shear stress = (Torque*radius)/polar moment of inertia The Attempt at a Solution I am lost on equation(4-14), I looked through the textbook but didn't find a derivation.
  30. UMath1

    Is Shear Stress Vertical or Horizontal in I-Beam Webs?

    My mechanics of materials book states that in order for an element to be in equilibrium it must have equal horizontal and vertical shear stresses. However, it also states "The shear stresses in the web of a wide-flange beam act only in the vertical direction and are larger than the stresses in...
  31. C

    Why do we use avg shear stress and not max shear stress?

    Hello everyone, I've been messing around with FEA and I'm trying to match my simulation with hand calculations. While doing this it occurred to me that i really don't understand why we use avg shear stress instead of maximum shear stress when determining the safety factor of a structural member...
  32. yecko

    The directions of normal and shear stress

    Homework Statement Homework Equations direction of normal and shear stress The Attempt at a Solution I view it like A and C are the same; B and D are the same... as both shear stress of A and C points outwards and shear stress point to the corner with 135 deg vice versa for B and D what...
  33. R

    Homework check - Mohr's circle & Shear stress in I beam

    Homework Statement Mohrs circle question - https://imgur.com/SKeTUXN Shear stress in I beam question - https://imgur.com/34yTyCAHomework Equations Mohrs Circle - None Shear stress in I beam - I = d . b^3 / 12 tmax = (F / I . b) . (A1 . y1) + (A2 . y2)The Attempt at a Solution For the...
  34. E

    Calculating Surface Shear Stress in a Boundary Layer with Given Velocity Profile

    Homework Statement If the velocity v of the air in a boundary layer having a dynamic viscosity of 18x10-6 kg/ms is given in terms of the distance y from the surface by v = ay + by2 where a and b are constants, calculate the surface shear stress if at 1.5 mm from the surface the velocity is 75...
  35. A

    Ratio of shear stress to normal stress along principle place

    Homework Statement "In a component under multi-axial state of stress, the ratio of shear stress to normal stress along principle places is _____. A) 0.0 B) 0.5 C) 1.0 D) 1.5 E)2.0" Homework Equations σx' = (σx+σy)/2 + ((σx-σy)/2)*cos(2θ) + τxy*sin(2θ) σy' = (σx+σy)/2 - ((σx-σy)/2)*cos(2θ)...
  36. S

    Determine the shear stress in the bolts

    Homework Statement Two coaxial shafts are to be connected by a flanged coupling having six 15 mm diameter bolts equally spaced around a 300 mm diameter pitch circle. Determine the shear stress in the bolts when 300 kW is transmitted at 400 revs/min; (i) Assuming the bolts are equally loaded...
  37. G

    Mechanics of Materials -- inclined ladder

    Homework Statement [/B] The inclined ladder AB supports a house painter (85 kg) at C and the self weight (q = 40 N/m) of the ladder itself. Each ladder rail (tr = 4 mm) is supported by a shoe (ts = 5 mm) which is attached to the ladder rail by a bolt of diameter dp =8 mm. 1) Find support...
  38. D

    Material Thickness and Bolt Shear Strength

    I am wondering why the material thickness is not factored into calculating bolt shear strength in a joint. I know that it is used when calculating the strength of the material itself and its susceptibility to deformation and tear out but why not the bolt? When you cut a piece of cheese you use...
  39. K

    Self teaching basic average shear stress calculation

    Hello All I am designing some very basic components for a motorcycle project at home, and because I am interested, thought I'd use it as an opportunity to refresh my memory in order to reduce the risk of the parts failing. To begin, I want to do some basic hand calcs if possible so have...
  40. Sean Trainor

    A How do i calculate shear stress on a Key and a bolt?

    I have been attempting the Solidworks Simulation certification but keep just missing out by a few marks and I believe these questions are the main ones which are killing me. I haven't done these calculations in years and I've been lost with how to do the hand calc's. Any help would be appreciated.
  41. Z

    Why does pure axial loading cause shear stress?

    I just found that applying an axial load of magnitude σ on both sides of a ductile rod will produce a max in plane shear stress of magnitude σ/2. Why is this? How can there be shear stress if only a normal force is applied?
  42. A

    Shear Stress Problems: Calculating Lateral Movement

    Homework Statement The bottom surface (8 cm x 12 cm) of a rectangular block of cheese (3 cm thick) is clamped in a cheese grater. The grating mechanism moving across the top surface of the cheese, applies a lateral force of 20 N. The shear modulus, G, of the cheese is 3.7 kPa. Assuming the...
  43. C

    Tensile and shear stress in 10mm rivet

    Homework Statement A load P of 3kN is applied to the tensile member shown and is carried at the joint by a single rivet. The angle of the shear joint is 45 degrees to the axis of the load. Calculate the tensile and shear stresses in a 10mm diameter rivet Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a...
  44. F

    Shear stress resisted by a bolt

    Homework Statement In this problem , why the author use (30x10^3) /s = VQ / I only ? Shouldnt it be 4(30x10^3) /s = VQ / I Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I said so , because the board at the centered is connected by 4 bolts , 2 on the left and 2 on the right . The faces on the...
  45. D

    Shear Stress, Area of Projection

    I am learning about shearing stress, and I am a little confused about the area of projection mentioned in my book. When it introduces it, it shows a plate with a rivet through it. The plate is of thickness t, and the diameter of the rivet, d. It shows the plate and the rivet cut in half by a...
  46. F

    Shear stress at the boundary of beam

    Homework Statement We all know that $$\tau = VQ/ It $$ how to determine the shear stress at **G** ? I'm having problem of finding Ay centroid if the solid that i found earlier is y = 98.5mm There's a dashed line from G to the bottom . It's making me confused . for Q , should i consider the...
  47. F

    Sign convention of shear stress confusion

    Homework Statement In my book , i was told that when the shear stress turn a plane of element clockwise , then the shear stress is positive , In this question , we can notice the shear stress of 40 will turn the plane clockwise , why the author plot the stress at A = (80,-40) ? Shouldn't it be...
  48. F

    Angle of principal stress vs maximum shear stress

    Homework Statement I'm having problem with the angle of $$theta_s1$$ . My ans is +35 (as in my working) , but the ans provided is $$theta_s1$$ = -55[/B] Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution As in the picture posted