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Medical Does Marijuana make you more creative?

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    I have a professional musician friend that claims marijuana makes him more creative. Is there any scientific evidence for or against this hypothesis?
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    Based on the historical data -
    60s music = marijuana
    70s music = LSD
    80s music = cocaine
    90s music = ecstacy

    I would say yes!
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    Funny. You obviously grew up in the 60s.
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    Well, it certainly makes people think they are more creative!
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    And deluded people think they know the truth. People will often fool themselves.
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    Inasmuch as it effectively tosses you into an altered world of perceptions and thoughts, where your routine life is all upset, I'd say sure that will likely cause you to make creative connections you would not otherwise have made.

    But that does not mean you have the presence of mind to accurately assess the quality of the result...
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    tolerance to thc is very quickly achieved. after that, its like having coffee in the morning, it just kick ure brain into gear ;)
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    It might not be so much creative as just making you think in a different way. One thing for sure is that too much of it will have a negative effect.
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    It definitely can make you more creative in your eating habits. Or in your complaints to your doctor about symptoms that indicate for treatment with marijuana.
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    heh, that's funny, but true.
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