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Does radiation from phones/PC's increase hair loss?

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    Does radiation from electrical devices such as computers, phones, WiFi etc.. have an effect on hair loss? Can't really find a lot of articles on the net about it.
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    The biological effects of low-level EM radiation have been discussed in previous threads here on the PF. I'll see if I can find some with the search engine...
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    Here are some related threads from a quick search (though they have more to do with discussing any potential cancer links to cell phone use):




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    Those new iPhones with the cobalt 60 batteries will really cause hair loss.
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    The main cause of hair loss by far is genetic. But if you notice uneven bald patches appearing around one ear then... it probably still isn't your cell phone, unless you have mites living in it.

    Let's put it this way. If the radiation from your phone was strong enough to cause hair loss then you would already be in the hospital from all the other radiation symptoms.
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    Male pattern baldness requires testosterone. A testosterone boost and resultant baldness might result due to use of cellphones for success with females. Conversely, if you wife and boss call to nag and denigrate you, it could prevent hair loss.
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    Lol. Thanks for the replies... so you two are saying that there is no connection between the two.

    Would a phone without a SIM card in it, so its not connecting to any cellular network, emit less radiation? Would it just be the electronic radiation of the device? And Jim just curious, but is your post about the battery completely a joke or do some batteries emit radiation?

    Also does anyone know what gives out more radiation a cell phone, a wireless router or a PC?
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    Ionizing radiation such as x-rays or gamma, beta, or alpha from a nuclear source is quite different than the low energy radiation from a from a router or cell phone. Radio frequency or microwave radiation only causes heating effects, while ionizing radiation will break chemical bonds, damage DNA, and do all sorts of mischief in your body.

    Just about everything emits some nuclear radiation. Your body has potassium 40 (about 0.01% of the potassium) which has a half life of about 1.2 billion years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium Carbon 14 as well.

    Batteries manufactures do not put anything significantly radioactive into their product. However potassium and carbon are frequently used. While the radioactive products of the batteries are pretty much shielded by the battery case, the potassium and carbon in your body can be integrated into your DNA.

    Unless a PC has a router card in it, the radiation should be quite small. The FCC gets upset when computers emit lots of RF and jam essential frequencies. Routers typically operate over short distances while cell phones have a longer range. Cell phones will vary power depending on distance / signal strength to the cell tower.

    I would suspect that unnecessary worry about radiation would cause more harm.
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    For the record, all phones within range of a phone mast connect to a mobile network. Simcard or not. (You can always phone the emergency services.)
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    Discussing Electrosensitivity Causes Hair Loss - Mine!

    I think it's from banging my head on the keyboard in frustration.
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    Interesting thought. Many times it is observed that certain events go together; and it is concluded that one causes the other. That is not true however.

    As Jim said, it may be possible that increased levels of testosterone somehow lead to increased cell-phone usage and also cause baldness at the same time.

    More importantly however, the hair loss that occurs along with radiation therapy is due to ionizing radiation. As again Jim rightly has said, that is very different from the kind of radiation given out by cell phones or wifi routers.
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    A PC is designed to minimize radiation, which otherwise appears as electronic interference. A wireless router is much more powerful than a cellphone, assuming it isn't completely wireless but has a power cord. Battery operated devices tend to be low-power. Try comparing the temperature of each one; routers get darned hot in comparison to phones.
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    Yes its true that the radiations of mobile phones are harmful for human beings.
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    Death by Cell Phone texting

    What evidence? Compared to what? Far more likely you die from texting then by cell phone "radiations". There is http://www.reuters.com/article/2008/10/02/us-usa-train-crash-idUSN0152835520081002" [Broken].
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    Ah, claims with little or no logical explanation is generally discouraged. Instead of just saying "X is true/false", try saying "X is true/false because......". A few links and references would also be nifce.
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