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Does self-study matter when applying to graduate schools?

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    I'm a junior math major in college, and I'd like to apply to some graduate schools when I'm done. If I haven't taken any analysis courses (beyond a basic "advanced calculus" sequence), but I've covered a full year of real analysis on my own, will that make a difference?

    I'm thinking of specializing in statistics, and I'll have two years of stats/experimental design courses, but most of my experience with analysis is and will likely be through self-study. Will this hurt my chances of getting into a school?
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    How are you planning to convince them that you've actually learned something from your self-study?
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    Some universities, have a special section when you can take a course with credit as an independen study? Is this the case with your university as well? If yes, then can you take those two courses in analysis as independent study, since you are saying that you already know the matter, then that wouldn't be too much of aa load adding to the courses you are already taking,would it?

    You will only need the consent of an instructor/professor for that. THis is basically, what i am gonna have to do, for a couple of courses, since my university does not give them through the regular curriculum.
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