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B Does the Higgs boson only exist when created in LHC?

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    I have read seemingly contradictory things regarding the Higgs boson: that they permeate all of space and that it was created at extremely high energies in the LHC. I just heard a scientist say the Higgs field is full of HIggs bosons.

    So does the Higgs boson occur naturally or not? If it does not, how does it play any part in nature?

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    The Higgs field is everywhere. Higgs bosons are rare and irrelevant in nature. It can be produced in collisions in particle accelerators and collisions of high-energetic cosmic rays with other matter. As estimated in an older thread, there is (very roughly) an average of one Higgs boson in the observable universe at a time. Give or take a factor of 1000.
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