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Homework Help: Does this solution exhibits resonance

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    In a question, I've been asked to find the general solution of the equation:

    [tex] \ddot{x} + \omega^2{}_{0} = cos( \omega t) [/tex]

    [tex] (\omega , \omega_{0} > 0, \omega \neq \omega_{0})[/tex]

    I've found the solution to this.

    It then asks me if this solution exhibits resonance. What does this mean and how do you determine this?
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    If you found the solution then it should be apparent whether it exhibits resonance. It might be helpful if you displayed your solution here.

    Incidentally, if you have excluded the possibility of [itex]\omega = \omega_0[/itex] then you have excluded the possibility of [exact] resonance! :)
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    Ok, this is my answer:

    [tex] x = A sin( \omega_{0}t) + B cos (\omega_{0}t) + \frac {1} {\omega_0^2 - \omega^2} cos (\omega t) [/tex]
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