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Does wormhole create gravitational wave?

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    I've seen many sci-fi that they said wormhole could be detected by its gravitational wave ?
    Does wormhole actually create gravitational wave ?
    And how could a pair of blackhole spinning around each other create such thing as gravity wave ?
    I am sorry for lacking knowlege about general relativity.
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    Gravity waves are created when masses move around. You're creating gravity waves every time you wiggle your fingers, although they are too weak to be detected by any imaginable instrument even in the same room, far less at astronomical distances. However, two neutron stars or black holes in a tight orbit are so massive and moving so quickly and in such a regular way that we have a chance of detecting the resulting gravitational radiation.

    The stable wormhole solutions to the equations of general relativity probably do not exist in the real world (they would require weird stuff like exotic matter with negative mass) so there's only so far we can go thinking about them. If they did exist, and if they moved enough mass quickly enough, there would be detectable gravitational radiation.
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    Thanks for your help.
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