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Doing a Minor Presentation of Parity/Chirality

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    Hello all.

    I'm doing a small presentation on Chirality in my Chemistry class. As the teacher knows I'm really more of a physics/math kid, he said it was okay if I did my presentation on chirality in physics instead of the molecular stuff most people are doing. I knew a bunch before, and I've done some research since, but I was hoping you guys could tell me whether the gist of my 'presentation' is accurate enough.

    Here it is, and this is the shortened version of course:
    One of the big questions I have is that, knowing my audience, is it okay to ignore helicity and just talk about Chirality (eschewing the two together a bit)? I know it'll confuse everyone by trying to explain the difference between the two and I'd rather avoid that.

    In general I want to make sure that a) I'm on target and b) I'm not oversimplifying.

    Thanks for reading, and hopefully for helping me.
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    First of all, thank you very much for that link; it was a really interesting read.

    As for the rest of my little blurb, would it be within reason to say more or less what I'd said previously, but instead of ending where I did talk about some of the ways molecular Chirality plays a part in molecular formation?
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    I think that's ok. After all, helicity and chirality become equal for massless particles.
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