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Suggestion Don't delete the last post

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    Every now and then it so happens that a long lasting member is banned for some reason. Obviously if one has seen somebody around for a long time and then the sudden surprise strike through his name, is not a good sight, especially if there is no reason to be found. As the offending thread has disappeared.

    Therefore I have requested Greg via pm too make it a firm policy not to delete the last offending thread/post but modify, edit and lock as appropriate, so that members can find out themselfs what happened. That may make a lot of difference.

    But I guess it's worth a feedback thread.
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    Thank you for your suggestion. You can always contact a mentor and we can give you a very brief explanation.
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    It's not always the last post that caused the ban. It could be a cumulation of many posts. It's very rare that a longtime member is banned over a single post, and by the time we concur that a ban is in order, the member may have made dozens of more posts. Rest assured that a long time member that gets permanently banned will already know they are on the verge of a ban from their infraction history/discussions with mentors.
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    What about a locked thread where the management can post a reason for suspensions and bans (of established members)? Or maybe that's what Andre was suggesting?

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    Out of respect to the banned member, we do not feel that it is appropriate to "air their dirty laundry". We respect the privacy of the member.
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