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Job security for Power Engineers

  1. Aug 2, 2017 #1
    I am going to start school soon for E.E with an emphasis in Power Systems Engineering, I live in NYC and am 21 y.o. I've been reading forum responses across the web from unemployed engineers (Unhealthy habit I know), people don't specify what they specialize in hence the query. I am interested in Electrical, but I am wary because the growth rate from 2014-24 is expected to be 0%, and the unemployment rate was 4.8% in 13', probably higher now. I am choosing power engineering because I believe it can't be outsourced overseas. Does this profession have job security, I am trying to get in with a utility company, such as con-ed? And supposing the job prospects aren't good after graduation, my backup plan is to go to trade school and try to get an electrical apprenticeship and eventually become a journeyman electrician(demand is good out here for electricians). Is it going to be an easy transition? I know an electrician is hard work and is very technical, so no offence to any electricians.
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    Well like we said in the other thread it is good to have passion for your work and you will be a awesome engineer. 0% growth I interpret that it is not growing or decreasing but in 10 years lots of older engineer wil retire so they need young engineers. Also we always need energy all over the world travelling is also easy therefore. It also will take some time before you finish school so lots of things could have been changed.
    Tradeschool and EE are two different things if the transition will be easy I don't know. But it seems like you really want to be an EE so follow you heart IMHO.
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    If one is interested in electrical engineering, then one should browse the IEEE website (www.ieee.org). One could become a student member. Folks in power engineering could get involved in component design, control systems, remote relays, or network design and analysis. There are plenty of opportunities.

    One should also be familiar with other aspects of electrical engineering, as well as other engineering disciplines, e.g., mechanical engineering as it relates to cooling of generators, motors or other components, or structural analysis, or materials science as it relates to how materials like conductors, insulators or semi-conductors.
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    Well tbh I have some college credits from before that might transfer over so I might be hitting the workforce earlier than expected.
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    But as far as specializations go I can only go into one discipline. I'm trying to avoid mechanical because the job market is flooded with civils and mechs.im trying to avoid any type of manufacturing such as semiconductors because the Chinese produce cheaper chips.
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    The electric power industry is destined for some business model upheavals. That might mean change of employer, but not change of career.

    I think the idea of one job, one employer from college to retirement its obsolete.
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    Yes that might be I work for a old traditional company but I have been always good there. And my position has changed during the time I work for them. And who knows one day I will go work for another company. But for now I enjoy it and financially it is satisfying. So dont change a wining team.
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    You're right, companies are very insteady these days. I heard that electrical engineers often have to travel to find work is that true? Where I live I think this might be the case.
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