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Homework Help: Doppler effect and Resonance-relationship?

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    Doppler effect and Resonance--relationship?

    we have a structure called Menar Jonban (i.e. Shaking Minaret-- it's basically a minaret that could be shaken --- literally!..you shake one minaret and the other one shakes too!) ... obviously the best explanation of the phenomenon is resonance .. but someone told me "resonance or Doppler effect" .. what does Doppler got to do with it? ...

    I know these concepts are from the same family (kinda!) ... but what's the relationship between the two? ..is my friend mistaken, or can you explain one based on the other? ..

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    Re: Doppler effect and Resonance--relationship?

    I guess it should be Doppler effect.
    Doppler effect is shift of frequency of a moving particle/wave.
    Resonance is the increase in amplitude.
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    Re: Doppler effect and Resonance--relationship?

    They are not related.
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