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Double major in physics and astrophysics help

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    I plan on a double major in physics and astrophysics, possible a math minor mor major too. I have looked at school websites for the books they use and have had no luck. Is thre anywhere online i can find what books a school uses for what class? If not what are some good astrophysics books that i could obtain on my own? Also what prgrammin language is best to learn? i know a little c++
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    The bookstore will be the first to know what books they use. You could personally go there and write down the ISBN numbers. Many bookstores wont tell you what books you need because they want u to spend money at their store, not finding it cheaper online.

    Intro programming/INtermediate programming courses at my school use C++, then they go onto java, then to C and ASM. I think C++ is a good choice.
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    i would love to go down to the bookstore, but the schools I am looking at arent close enough. I want them to study on my own before i go to the school. thanks though
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    http://math.berkeley.edu/courses_fall2006.html [Broken]

    The link contains a list of math classes at Berkeley, and the books required for each class (for most classes).

    http://math.berkeley.edu/courses_fall2006_textbooks.html [Broken]

    This link has just the book information.
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