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Double majoring in all but name

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    Double majoring "in all but name"

    Hello! I am a college freshman enrolled in a non-math/science major, yet I intend with certainty to switch majors next year. My interests range pretty much across all of STEM, but I am leaning most heavily towards mathematics and computer science. I am strongly considering double majoring with this combination. There is one problem though: for some strange reason, my university requires all majors outside of the college of engineering (BS and BA degrees, besides physics BS) to take up through an intermediate level course in a language. Language courses are four credits each, and the intermediate course is the third course in the track. This means I will need to take 12 credits in a language (and since I did not have four years of Spanish in HS, I will not be able to take an exemption test). These four credit classes would really eat into my ability to complete a double major in math and computer science in four years, considering that I am only just now taking calc I and comp sci I. My question is this:

    Could I simply major in computer science and minor in math (to avoid the language) yet essentially take all of the same math courses that a math major would take and therefore be a "math major in all but name," and still receive the benefit down the road (be it graduate school or industry) of having that double major? Would an employer or admissions committee recognize "oh yeah, he basically double majored, so he can do X and Y tasks just as well as this other guy"?

    Thanks for your advice!
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    Re: Double majoring "in all but name"

    An employer will most likely not look or care about what classes you take, so it won't have much effect there. A graduate school admissions committee may or may not take it into account.
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