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Double slit experiment for AP physics

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    I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum to be posting this in (if it's not, feel free to move me), but I have a question about the double slit experiment.

    For my AP Physics class, a group of seven other guys and myself are researching the double slit experiment, both with light and with electrons. Does anyone here have any advice on how a group of high schoolers would go about performing the experiment with electrons? (The light portion is easy, and our teacher is actually giving us access to a fairly large laser he has for another class).
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    I'm currently doing one of these for a science fair, and during my research, I heard something about doing this with a single photon laser. I didn't know these existed (and I have yet to find one.) But if you can learn more about these, it might be interesting to look into.

    It basically fired single photons overnight onto a film, then let the film develop, showing the interference pattern.

    Not sure if you cared much about that, but anyways...
    I also read something about cracking open a TV to get an electron "gun."

    Theres also a Electron accellerator tutorial on instructables, maybe you can modify that for your needs.

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