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B Double slit simulator

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    Is there an online simulator which can be used to visualize the double slit interference? I know this can be done via equations, but as I am working with my kids on this, I prefer visual and want to add variations of different polarizers before each slit.

    If no simulator available, any assistance with the following would be greatly appreciated.
    Would there be an interference pattern with unpolarized light input and no path observation if :
    a: The upper path before the slit has a vertical polarizer/45 deg polarizer/horizontal polarizer
    b: The lower path before the slit has a horizontal polarizer/45 deg polarizer/horizontal polarizer

    Seems like the answer would be no interference, but want to verify....
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    Simon Bridge

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    Have you tried googling for "double slit simulator"?

    ... there are also animations demonstrating the physics.
    To my knowledge there are none that cover every possible eventuality, freely available, but the math is out there.

    Short answer: if you can distinguish which path was taken, then no interference.
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