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Homework Help: Doubt from a beginner

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    I am just a student of class 11.I got a small doubt ,dont mistake my doubt, i am just a beginner .
    My doubt is "What is the variation in Ionization enthalpy , electronegativity ,electron gain enthalpy between the isotopes of a element"
    waiting for my doubt to get cleared .
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    The chemical properties of an element are determined by the atomic number, Z, which is the number of protons (+ charge) in the nucleus as well as the number of electrons surrounding the nucleus in a neutral atom. The coulomb (electromagnetic) forces dominate the chemical properties.

    Isotopes of a given element vary by the number of neutrons (which are electrically neutral), and that affects mass but not nuclear charge, so the number of electrons.

    Any change in chemical properties due to nuclear mass is very small, but they can be expoited physically, which is the basis of laser-based isotopic seperation in which monochromatic laser light (i.e. a very specific frequency) can selectively ionize a specific isotope. Isotopes cannot be chemically separated (chemical interaction with other elements), but must be physically seperated.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    As i am beginner i will asking many doubts , so please clear my doubts . thanks once again.
    You can also see my thread abt ebooks
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    Despite your attempt at clever wording, your post here is obviously a homework assignment. Unfortunately, Astronuc just gave you the answer -- something that will not happen again. Next time, post your homework questions in the appropriate forum, and do not ask us to do your homework for you.

    - Warren
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