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Doubting what I should major in - help?

  1. May 29, 2012 #1
    I decided at *ahem* 42 to return to school. I have taken almost 45 hours (almost everything required) trying to figure out what exactly I want to do. Physics has intrigued me most - I seem to have learned the most in that class. I am taking Calculous this summer (starting on the 5th) but come Spring I will have to transfer to a 4-year-University. I was accepted to TCU (although I decided to remain at my school until everything I can earn credit wise has been taken - because TCU is expensive!). My question is - with my darling husband pushing for me to major in Engineering and the countless hours I spent learning Trig (because my Calculous Prof. said it would be a good idea to take that first) - I struggled with it at first. I guess I am looking for some guidance. I love the understanding of why things do the things they do. The math, although I struggled - once I got it - I got it (an A anyway). Am I heading down the right path? Are the jobs really out there? (Even for a 43 *ahem* year old mother of five now?) Any help is appreciated. Also, I made the Dean's and President's List and am a member of Phi Theta Kappa but are there other scholarships out there to help me attain the goals I set (like TCU)? Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.
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    I can see there are no answers here. No one willing to help someone that feels lost. But there were other threads to read - I think I may step out of the engineering field, towards environmental studies or physics and just keep pushing myself with the math issues. I don't know if it's right - I just know that when I am finished I need to be gainfully employable. Thanks to all who read I guess - maybe you are lost like me. I hope you find your answers.
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    Hey SkidKucera and welcome to he forums.

    In terms of grades I think you will be employable, but in saying that you should be aware of any prejudices you may get because of your age in some industries, and also be aware of what your circumstances are with your kids.

    I know this might be a taboo thing to say, but the above is not only for mathematics and it's a kind of thing sometimes employers want young people. Having said this though, there are bound to be many others that want people who are a bit more mature and will be able to handle things, especially in situations where 'things don't go the way as planned' and when you get hiccups that are unanticipated as well as having some industries that value age.

    Still I think you have a real shot at some jobs if you get the right grades, know your stuff, can communicate well and work with others and autonomously to get things done.

    It would help you I think to find out what kind of industries and places look for people like yourself who are not say in their 20's fresh out of uni so that you can concentrate on those areas rather than spending time on places that simply prefer young people.

    Also note that some companies like young people because they are easy to mould and also to get them so they can have a long commitment to the place they work for so that they almost like an investment to that business, and it's these kinds of places you want to identify so that you can spend more time applying and writing CV's for other positions.
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