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Dr. Emoto's : the structural formation of ice crystals

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    Hello every one
    I hope I'm in the right place to ask this question :)

    well , have you heared about Dr. Emoto's ?


    my friend were in US last year , and she was joining some one who provides her by these info.
    when she told me , it was my 1st time to hear about that , so I make a quik google search and found that some scientists negate it!
    did you have idea about : why do they refuse it?
    and who agree with him , who not ? and why ?

    thanx in advance :)
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    Are you asking "why do people disagree with what is presented in 'What the bleep...'?"? Because it's patent nonsense. It bears no resemblance to the world we live in.

    Some people believe in various things that are contrary to the laws of physics or observations, and some of those will try to use the terminology of science as some kind of pretend dress-up game, and honestly think they are being scientific. I can't say why really; it's just human nature and our society.

    The page you cite indicates that the work in question suffers from "experimenter bias" and does not prove what it claims. That is why people don't believe it.
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