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Dropped out of grad school don't know what to do.

  1. Oct 23, 2014 #1
    First things first. I'd give anything to stay in grad school. I never have had an issue with classes and I study on my own all the time. I also still take classes through MOOCs. In fact, I actually dropped out so I could do more physics. I was working in a lab and things were just going nowhere. It just felt like a huge wast of time and I decided to stop chasing the carrot.

    However, now I just can't go back to school and I need a job. Debts are creeping up and I want to start a carreer before I'm thirty. Yet now I'm in a bit of a pickle. At 28, I'm too old for internships and all of the jobs require 3-5 year experience. Also, since I sort of "vanished" from grad school, I don't really have any connections. The only way of breaking this is going into something related to computer science since I can always improve my programming skills on my own.

    I feel, however, that there is something I'm not doing. I guess I see colleagues and former students work for some pretty awesome companies and I wonder what their doing. Also I look at statistic for people with technical degrees and the unemployment is very low. However, I have this black hole in my resume that I don't know how to get out of.

    Also I'm wondering. Are there carreers that deal with the theoretical aspect of physics over experimental/engineering stuff? I have a part time job as an online physics tutor. Today I helped an engineering work through a problem involving some really hairy vector calculus. If I could just do that all day I'd be in heaven. I know Data Science involves linear algebra which is why I'm looking into it.
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  3. Oct 23, 2014 #2
    Would it be possible for you to contact your department chair and let him/her know about your situation and possibly start research with another professor?
  4. Oct 23, 2014 #3
    Unless they paid me to do research, it just isn't worth giving up my part time job.
  5. Oct 23, 2014 #4
    If you are in the US, they usually do. At any rate, it may be worth contacting them.
  6. Oct 23, 2014 #5
    If you have a connection with someone who has connections, you have connections. Anyone can be a connection.
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