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Dual masters degrees beneficial?

  1. Oct 27, 2013 #1
    Greetings PF.

    I was thinking about going for a dual masters degree with one in physics and one in mathematics. Note that I'm not American, I'm currently in Europe and as such I'd guess it's almost like a double major. To me it felt like such a couple of degrees were a natural choice, but recently I've set myself under the impression that they are too "close" (no I'm not defining a metric) to each other such that the combination really does not give me an advantage if I wanted to pursue a PhD or if I'd give it a go outside academia. This closeness would make a rough cost/benefit analysis (workload, hours per week, etc) tell me that the cost is greater than the benefit.

    I am currently in my senior years studying for a masters degree in physics. Because of reasons I have some extra time on my hands and thus this idea of a dual masters degree seems very doable. I realize a pice of information that is often wanted in dealing with these types of questions are "what do you want to do after you get your degrees?", and preferably I would give a definite answer but I'm at a loss since I want too much. But let's say it leans towards reaserch, both academic and private sector.

    I'm curious of what the memebers here have to say about dual masters in these areas. Consider it a double major if that helps. Are they too close for any real benefit? Should one rather broaden with something like a bachelors degree in, say, CS or some EE?

    Your thoughts please.
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  3. Oct 27, 2013 #2
    if i were you, i would ask myself:
    -can i afford to pay the bill for such an endeavor?
    -can i study and handle increased workload?
    -am i at least 90% sure that i will succeed?
    -will i have a few hours per week to cool down,ease the tention?
    - will i be able to have a normal mentality or i will be torn apart?
    -will that procedure of increased pressure burn me out?

    if i could handle all the above i would do it,otherwise i would do one master,finish it,try to find a job,work for a while and make some money,later on pursue a second master.Pretty much that's what i might do :P
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