What is Master degree: Definition and 90 Discussions

A master's degree (from Latin magister) is an academic degree awarded by universities or colleges upon completion of a course of study demonstrating mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. A master's degree normally requires previous study at the bachelor's level, either as a separate degree or as part of an integrated course. Within the area studied, master's graduates are expected to possess advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics; high order skills in analysis, critical evaluation, or professional application; and the ability to solve complex problems and think rigorously and independently.

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  1. abdelgo

    Courses Masters in Civil Engineering with a Bachelor in general engineering

    Hello, I'm currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in General Engineering. My goal is to do my master's degree in civil engineering. Therefore, my thematic area should be in civil engineering. However, my university does not offer classes in civil engineering, so I need to take them online. I...
  2. Bertin

    Other Choosing one's Master's thesis

    Dear all, I open this thread hoping you can give me some advice on the situation that follows. I am ending my master degree in Physics, with a strong curiosity—and almost complete ignorance of—quantum gravity. It is relevant here to let you know that the reason I am attracted to this/these...
  3. R

    Job Skills How do I make myself more employable?

    Hey, Lately I've been reading a lot about how to get employed with a STEM degree and I see two opposite things. 1. People with science/engineering degree are highly employable. 2. Lots of STEM graduates with either a bachelor degree or PhD struggling to find a job. I am going to start my...
  4. T

    Programs Viability of International Degrees (from the US perspective)

    At the moment, I am accepted to a few universities for statistics and data science programs (I was told there were a fair number of data scientists on this forum and the question applies more generally as well). One of these programs is in Finland at the University of Helsinki. I'm incredibly...
  5. Fatima7

    Studying Medical (Radiography) and Astronomy

    Good morning, I would like to know if its possible to do my Master degree in any field related to space and astronomy, actually I graduated with bachelor of applied science (Medical Imaging). I deal with x-ray and imaging machines. My courses were somewhere between biology, x-ray (radiation)...
  6. U

    Other 3-year B.S. Physics vs. 4-year B.S.+M.S. vs. ....

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Physics Forums, so please feel free to visit the linked thread if you'd like to know a bit about me: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/hello-everyone.960116/ And please ask any questions if you need to know more about my situation, since I have a bit of an...
  7. E

    Programs Two bachelor of science degrees, or a master’s degree?

    As I’m doing more research and talking to my college advisor I learned that I don’t need a master’s degree to get into grad school and earn a doctorate, and that my field of study (Biomedical Physics) has various common classes with the Advanced Physics major. Would it be worth more to take an...
  8. B

    Testing Maximizing Your Pre-Med Education: Essential Courses for Med School Success

    I consider myself premed, i.e. taking org chem,bio etc and only want to go to med school... but i'll be done with those prereqs at the end of this year, and i consider majoring in math. i.e. the last 2 years of undergrad i could do any major i want. and i wanted to know what courses are...
  9. Aaron M

    Thinking about getting an MSc in CS

    Hello all, I have recently graduated with a BSc in physics and have been accepted into the MSc program for Applied Physics. However, due to the job outlook for the position I actually want to do I am deeply interested in pursuing my second interest, which is, AI. Question: My main question is...
  10. Q

    Master in theoretical/mathematical physics. Guidance.

    Hello, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what master’s degree or which specific master courses I should take. I am a physics student and I am going to finish my bachelor in physics next year. I plan to do a master in theoretical physics or in mathematical physics. However I...
  11. C

    Programs To pursue a masters degree in theoretical physics

    Hello, I'm about to start my last year of bachelor degree in physics, and in a few months I would like to have a clear idea of where I want to go for my master degree. My dream since I started university is to pursue theoretical physics, in which specific field, that remains for me to...

    Schools What University offers an online master degree?

    Hi guys I want to study an online master degree in Physics, and I want to know if someone know about Universities that offer this option. I live in Ecuador. I want to study more but I can not travel to other countries for a very large time due to personal responsabilities. I am a Physics...
  13. Luis Obis

    Programs I will soon graduate as a physicist, I am lost

    I am in my last year (4 year total) of my physics studies, I will be graduating as the top 1 or maybe top 2 of my class. I don't have a clue what to do next. These last years I have been getting more "cynical" to say something, don't really know how to express this. I have been losing my love...
  14. Leonardo Machado

    Physics Nuclear or Astrophysics master's degree?

    Hello everyone. I'm approaching the end of my physics graduation and must start to think about what to do next. I'm working in a project with a professor in the university about stellar sctructure and it captivated me. Now i don't know if i take the specialization in nuclear physics or...
  15. C

    Programs Which is the best MSc programme (Condensed Matter Physics)?

    I'm a Physics student ending the bachelor degree in Physics. I'm strongly interested in Condensed Matter Physics (both theoretical and experimental), especially the quantum mechanical aspects that are linked to this field of studies. I'm trying to choose where to study for a MSc in Physics...
  16. E

    Studying What are Possible Thesis Topics for Atmospheric Physics?

    Can you suggest possible master thesis topics relating to atmospheric physics? I have a bachelor's degree in physics and I mostly comfortable in numerical and theoretical physics. Since this field is somewhat new to me, I need to have a number of options on what topics to choose from. Thank you...
  17. H

    Job Skills Optics Master's vs PhD: Industry Opportunities and Career Prospects Explained

    I am entering my senior year at a liberal arts college where I am earning a BA in Physics. I have some research experience in optics and by the time I graduate I will have more. I am fairly certain that I do not want to continue doing research for my career and that I am more interested in some...
  18. navierstokes

    Programs Merging MechE & Electronics for a master's degree?

    As a undergrad in Mechanical Engineering, I have a great interest in electronics. I have circuits and Arduino for a hobby, and I'm learning microcontroller programming by myself. When I got into college, I was torn between electrical and mechanical engineering, but ended up choosing the later...
  19. S

    Programs What is the best master's degree?

    Hi, I have my bachelor degree in engineering physics, laser and optics concentration. I want to enroll for master degree, and I want to have a job in business companies, not research lab or university. So what are the best choices for master (is it okay for universities to accept a student with...
  20. Eucliddo

    Studying Decision Help for Design Engineer: Master's or Something Else?

    Hello...I'm currently working as a design engineer but I've got free time during weekends.I want to share my knowledge with the other people, especially to students who want to be an engineer like me. My junior school mates and my professors also want me to pursue academic field but I don't know...
  21. VBadiu

    Engineering Biomedical Engineering vs. Nuclear Applications?

    First of all, this is my first post here, so hello everyone! Great to be a part of this online community! Secondly, to get to the point of the thread, I have recently applied and have been accepted to two master's programs in Germany, specifically Biomedical Engineering and Nuclear Applications...
  22. J

    Master of theoretical physics in Europe: ETH vs. ENS vs. LMU

    Could you please elaborate on their programmes and/or how they compare against one another ? I seem to be interested in the not-so-much-quantum part of theoretical physics, but any input will be very appreciated. *ETH Zurich *Ecole Normale Superieure *Ludwig Maximilian University
  23. K

    How to get better recommendations in view of Phd?

    I obtained my M. Sc. in mathematics from a decent European university about a year ago (when I was 27 Due to various reasons of personal nature I didn't really commit to my studies, my marks were the equivalent of a 3.0 GPA, or something like that, and it took me quite a while to finish. I...
  24. C

    Schools Reputation of the university for graduate admission?

    Hi, I'm an undergraduate physics student in Turin (Northern Italy), currently in the first year of my bachelor degree. Before enrolling here in Turin, I thought a lot about going to sudy abroad because I would like to get a job somewhere in Europe or even outside it. But then, for several...
  25. J

    Engineering From Civil Engineering undergrad to Physics grad

    Hello,i am an undergraduate Civil Engineering student.When i finish my undergrad studies i want to pursue a masters degree in Physics(my ultimate goal is to get a PhD in Physics).Due to limitations in money i couldn't drop out of civil engineering and pursue an undergrad degree in Physics,so i...
  26. Svein

    Programs Comments - Writing a Master Degree Thesis

    Svein submitted a new PF Insights post Writing a Master Degree Thesis Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  27. M

    What Should I Do Next? Exploring Career Options for Physics Graduates

    hello again, I am a physics undergrad finishing my last year, will graduate by the end of may... I am SO LOST and have no clue what I'm going to do next, mainly because in my country (Lebanon) physicists are limited to working at schools as teachers... This is something that i wouldn't enjoy...
  28. A

    Studying Aerospace Engineering: A High School Senior's Dilemma

    Hi, I'm a high school senior and I was planning on studying Aerospace Engineering but my local university doesn't have it so I was opting to study ME and then move to a bigger uni where they have AE so I can get my masters degree there. Is that a good idea? Plus where would I work after I get my...
  29. Daniel.Solis

    TMP master program at Ludwig Maximilians

    Hi everybody, My name is Daniel. I´m about to finish my bachelor degree in physics and, recently, I have being flirting with the idea of studying abroad. I got particularly interested in the elite master program of theoretical physics and mathematics at the Ludwig Maximilians university, in...
  30. A

    B.S. in physics, Masters in Aerospace Engineering?

    Hi, I'm a high school senior and I want to study Aerospace Engineering but my local university doesn't have it and going to another university is not an option, so what should my B.S. be? Physics? or an engineering that is somehow related to aerospace? Plus, does Masters in Aerospace Engineering...
  31. D

    M.S. Mechanical Engineering in Mechanics vs Robotics/Controls

    Hello fellow PF members, I'm currently in my senior year in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University. I'm considering going on to get my Master's Degree to gain more knowledge (since I'm fascinating by them). I really like Math and have a Math Minor already. I am looking to go into a...
  32. 7

    Schools Schools Accepting Engineering Tech for MS in Engineering?

    Hi all, I have been curious about this for a while. I know that some schools do not accept a bachelors in engineering technology for into a Master's Program of Engineering. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if there are schools that do? Thanks
  33. A

    Programs How the heck does one switch degrees from Undergrad to Masters?

    I was talking to my cousin about how some engineers study MBA after finish their undergrad. She herself is did BBA and told me that MBA is relatively easy as it mainly is common sense. However, I was reading about people who studied Economics, Engineering, etc. in undergrad and then studied...
  34. anandsingh

    Programs Master's Degree in both Physics & Computer Science?

    Hi, I am 28 years old. I have completed my B.Sc(Maths, Physics, Computer Science) in 2007. Immediately after that I have got job as a Software Engineer and worked for 2 years(2007-2009). But due to my interest in pursuing Masters in Physics. I have joined in M.Sc(Physics) in 2009 and in final...
  35. J

    Schools Masters degree at same university

    I know that it is generally a bad idea to do all of your education (bachelors to PhD) at the same institution, but what about getting your bachelors and masters at the same university, then getting your PhD somewhere else? I'm in a position where I'll be graduating after the fall semester so I...
  36. C

    How to excel at a Master's Degree

    Hi Guys, Please give me some advice! Kindly bear with me while I explain my situation. I'm incapable of explaining things briefly :( I'm 24 year old with a dual bachelor's degree (Physics + Mechanical Engineering Design). I graduated in Aug 2012 and immediately started working as a Design...
  37. U

    PhD MUST be on same area as masters degree?

    I'm still an undergraduate but I was wondering about the future and all that. I do like love physics as a whole, but I don't think there is a subfield which I REALLY like or REALLY dislike. I also like "versatility" as a way of life. So I was wondering: "can I move to and from subfields as I...
  38. S

    Engineering Am I old to start a Masters degree in Engineering?

    I have recently finished BEng degree in Electronics Engineering, I am 25 years old now. I am thinking of applying for a MS in Electrical Engineering starting in 2016, by the time I graduate I will be 29! Is it very old, are there any chances to get employment in a related field or do...
  39. T

    Programs Transition to EE master from physics degree

    Hello, Since I have no time to take ee classes, I plan to self study it. What are the suitable books I can refer to. Thank you
  40. T

    Programs Master in Electrical Engineering from Physics degree

    Dear all, I am this dilemma. I found out that I am not suitable to be a physicist. I want to be an electrical engineer but it is too late to change to ee now. My plan is to finish my degree in Physics and Applied Math, then apply ee for master. I want to know how can I do it, in order to...
  41. J

    Schools Getting all three degrees (B.Sc., Masters and PhD)from same University

    If I honestly really like the University I am currently at, so I was wondering if it is acceptable to get all three degrees in Mathematics from this institution if I want to become a Math professor? Some of the professors in their department got all of their degrees from the same university, but...
  42. T

    Master degree - Mathematical modelling or Astro?

    I'm an udergrad, 2nd year physics. I recently got interested in solar physics - one reason being, that I was offered to cooperate on a project, where I'll be doing some sunspot simulations. I really like mathematics and I kinda like the mathematical modelling curriculum. However the...
  43. M

    Programs Is an Accelerated Master's Degree Viewed Differently by PhD Programs?

    Hi, I'm thinking about future degree options and just realized my schools offers an accelerated Master's degree (1 year instead of 2) if I complete an honours thesis in my 4th year of undergrad. I was just wondering if this is looked down upon for potential PhD programs or for any other...
  44. E

    Programs Masters after a degree in Physics

    This would be my debut here, so no idea if I'm posting in the wrong neighborhood. Anyway, here's my story: I've been a tinkerer ever since - I would butcher appliances up and keep those magnets/coil guts, I fixed some toys too. I enjoyed building things. Electronics and Mechatronics/Robotics...
  45. F

    Programs How competitive are US terminal master's degree admissions?

    My original plan was to apply for grad school (PhD) for physics after my undergrad degree, but things didn't go as planned. Simply put, I performed poorly in my first few semesters, and while my grades improved towards the end of my undergraduate studies, they were not enough to compensate for...
  46. R

    Programs PhD application after a year and half out of Master's degree

    I graduated with a Master's degree about a year and a half ago and am considering applying to PhD programs in Canada. During this period, I have been working in a field completely unrelated to my previous education and the PhD programs that I intend to apply. I have mainly been teaching to kids...
  47. C

    Programs Which Master's Degree Should I Choose for Future Impact and Personal Passion?

    Next year I should start my master's degree (if everything goes well this year). I have my doubts regarding which area to choose. I know most the teachers. I know with which I would like to work. But I don't want that bias compromising my choice. My university has the following areas for...
  48. S

    Programs I want to have master degree in physics.

    I'm Egyptian and work at Saudi Arabia I have a Bachelor of science - Mathematics and Physics department. So I want to study physics or mathematics on line especially in quantum mechanics. I'm looking for a university or institute achieve what I want ?
  49. I

    Programs Dual masters degrees beneficial?

    Greetings PF. I was thinking about going for a dual masters degree with one in physics and one in mathematics. Note that I'm not American, I'm currently in Europe and as such I'd guess it's almost like a double major. To me it felt like such a couple of degrees were a natural choice, but...