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Schools Durham or Warwick University for Physics

  1. May 13, 2012 #1
    - in general which is better for theoretical physics , considering factors: teaching style, enthusiasm for the subject, course content and the way the maths is taught - I've read that it's more applied in Durham whereas in Warwick it's more pure and abstract.

    I'm not too sure though to what degree this factor should be taken into account - in the future I would like to do further research and am more drawn toward the theoretical side, however I'm sure that numerous factors will influence how beneficial the methods through which the maths is taught will be in the future - such as exactly where I choose to specify etc- and so which way my preference should be

    - Areas in general - I mean I know that Durham is a small, beautiful town , particularly interested in more details about living in the Warwick area, as a student : noise, crime rate,

    - Do more students give happier feedback from a degree at Warwick than Durham? Lower proporiton of 'rahs'?

    - One more thing is that I feel as though I would prefer a more vigorous approach towards the math and physics - I generally get the vibe that Warwick slightly wins on this aspect - and with it's research in this respect - however again I don't think this should be too much of a determining factor as both univerisites are highly respected and consist of a high workload

    Just in general, any physicists currently at either any views,
    Thanks :)
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  3. Aug 19, 2012 #2
    Hello there,

    I have recently completed a Masters in Physics at Durham, so I feel I may be able to help you here.

    I specialised in Cosmology but took modules in more theoretical subjects (Quantum field theory etc). If you're interested in theoretical Physics, Durham offers a degree in that. It is more mathematical than the 'ordinary' degree and you take more maths courses e.g.. you learn Tensor calculus earlier and more abstract things. The IPPP is a world leading department and many of the researchers there also lecture, and so you will be getting taught by some of the best. Not all of them are great lecturers, but they will all be happy to help you if you don't understand something. I can only speak for Durham here, but the course can be as little or as much applied as you would like it to be.

    As for the people and the place. Yes, there are some 'rahs' as I am sure there are anywhere, but the place isnt over run by them and there are plenty of nice, friendly people :P

    In terms of 'vigourousness' I can say that Durham like their students to be working hard. Weekly problems are set EVERY week for the 3-4 (if you take a masters or not) years, and example classes/tutorials are also weekly and mandatory. They are hard work, and I personally hated the thought of weekly problems, but they really give you the chance to understand what is being taught, and are great when it comes round to exams.

    In the end, I loved spending 4 years and Durham, and I would definitely choose it again given the choice. I hope a Warwick person can give you the other side of things now though!

    If you have any other questions, just ask.
  4. Aug 20, 2012 #3
    The 'Warwick' area, rather bizarrely, is Coventry rather than Warwick!
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