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Durham vs Manchester in Astrophysics (Cosmology) - Postgraduate

  1. Jun 30, 2010 #1
    Hi all.

    I have been applying for graduate (research) studies in Astrophysics (I am interested in cosmology - CMB, SNIa, models...) at some UK universities - Imperial College, Durham, Glasgow, Manchester.
    All of them have research groups in the field of cosmology.
    So far I have received an offer from two of them. Durham and Manchester.
    Could you compare the two universities? Which one would you recommend? Money is not an issue, I am mainly interested in quality (international recognition).
    From what I read it seems like Durham is a little bit better (more prestigious?) in the field.

    P.S. At the end of the day I will probably decide based on research available anyway...

    Many thanks.
    Petr :blushing:
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  3. Jul 1, 2010 #2
    Both have good astrophysics departments, but if you're interested in cosmology, I would say Durham is the place to go. Most of the research it does is in this field, and as such it is more likely you'd find something you'd like to study. It also employs more cosmology-oriented research staff (such as Carlos Frenk).

    Manchester does research in lots of areas, but focuses more on astrophysics/observational research (particulalry in radio astronomy, due to its links with Jodrell Bank). There is a cosmology group, but it's not very big.

    If you're planning on doing a PhD, it is funded for 3 years at Manchester and 4 years at Durham (but I imagine you already know this!)
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