What is Postgraduate: Definition and 27 Discussions

Postgraduate education (graduate education in North America) involves learning and studying for academic or professional degrees, academic or professional certificates, academic or professional diplomas, or other qualifications for which a first or bachelor's degree generally is required, and it is normally considered to be part of higher education. In North America, this level is typically referred to as graduate school (and often colloquially as grad school).
The organization and structure of postgraduate education varies in different countries, as well as in different institutions within countries. This article outlines the basic types of courses and of teaching and examination methods, with some explanation of their history.

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  1. STasnim12357

    Schools How good is the Theoretical Physics MSc course at Queen Mary?

    Hello am currently an undergraduate student. My major is CSE. But I am very much interested to do my masters and then PhD in theoretical physics/mathematical physics. Is there any university that admits CS graduates for these courses? I have looked up some universities that offer these courses...
  2. M

    Material Science & Advanced Thin Film Technologies: Postgraduate Research

    Is it advisable to have a Material Science background if I would like to pursue a postgraduate research studies in advanced thin film technologies?
  3. MichaelJT

    Admissions 2:2 from UK Uni, Masters in my future?

    This year 18/19 I will be graduating in December/January with a 2:2 in Physics from QUB in NI. I would absolutely love to have further research/academia in my future physics career. I would like some advice from a UK or ROI based masters students (preferably on the island of Ireland) or anyone...
  4. twist.1995

    Programs Should I or Should I not pursue a postgraduate degree in physics

    Hello! I am studying Physics and Electronic and Communications Engineering double major. I really enjoy studying physics, and find it fascinating to manipulate difficult formulas that describe natural phenomena. However, I am concerned that there are far more engineering jobs out there than...
  5. AXidenT

    Advice on Graduate Studies in Mathematical Physics

    I recently completed my honours degree in Australia (4-year undergraduate with a year-long thesis and some grad-level subjects such as first courses in algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, GR, QFT and integrable systems) and am struggling to figure out what the best option for graduate study...
  6. MarwanAq

    Programs Computer engineering or electrical engineering to physics?

    I am currently a computer engineering student , in my second year to be precise. I was just wondering if I could continue my postgraduate studies in physics or anything similar , and will I be better off with a degree in electrical engineering ?. like is electrical engineering closer to physics ?.
  7. ognik

    Other Good pre-honours 'revise all physics' type book(s)

    Hi - I'm doing an honors degree in physics by distance learning, having received my B.Sc around 20 years ago. I find there is a lot that is presented quite differently, and also stuff that I don't remember well enough - or not at all. So I'm looking for the fewest books that I can use to...
  8. 1

    Cambridge MASt (part iii) Physics

    Has anyone been through the application process for the part iii physics at Cambridge as an external student? If so, what is the interview like? What sort of questions do they ask? Thanks
  9. E

    Postgraduate calculator

    HI I need your advice to buy a calculator to be used in master study in electrical engineering-communication and computer networks and also useful as an engineer (electrical engineer/Electronics & Communication) Thanks in advice
  10. P

    Postgraduate studies in Particle Physics or Radiation Physics?

    Hello Everyone! I have a huge dilemma this period.I'm searching/applying for masters but I've not yet quite come to a conclusion regarding the field.For example,I love particle/nuclear physics but I also like radiation physics and radiation biology.My undergrad thesis was on radiation biology...
  11. V

    My opportunities as physics postgraduate

    Hi I am a postgraduate in physics from INDIA living in Australia . what type of opportunities I can get in Australia. cheers !
  12. A

    Postgraduate by research Mathematics

    Hi, I am planning to take my master next year, I have several misunderstanding that I wish anybody can explain. Okay, at first, last year, I've been checking Master programme on Universities. I found that some of them distinguished Master by research and master by coursework. And I keep...
  13. E

    Postgraduate medical imaging

    By this time next year I will have earned myself a masters degree in nuclear physics. My plan up till now was to do a second master in nuclear engineering, but the current climate in Europe and here in Belgium have put me off of that idea. This year I followed a course with the engineers on...
  14. H

    Postgrad Study: Nottingham vs Sussex - Choose Your Best Fit

    For a postgraduate study in physics which university is better: Nottingham or Sussex?Sussex is not a Russel group university ,but in the last rankings is in the top 50 of the world. On the other hand Nottingham is an older university+ a russel group university. So i would like to hear opinions...
  15. M

    Maths for Postgraduate String Theory: Analysis, Algebra, or Topology?

    I admit I don't know anything about string theory (nobody really does at an undergraduate level) but it sounds interesting and seems like something challenging. I am majoring in physics and maths but I am getting to the point in my undergraduate studies where I can begin to specialize more in my...
  16. N

    Starting Postgraduate Programme in Economics, Advice for Calculus - Real Analysis

    Hello, I am starting a postgraduate level Economics course in two months. I will have to go through some kind of a Math Camp before the course, lasting more or less 10 days. Here is my curriculum; 1. REAL ANALYSIS Topics: • Sequences and Convergence • Function on Rn • Continuity •...
  17. N

    Please guide me find out a postgraduate scholarship in Phys.

    Please guide me to find out a Scholarship on QTF Theory in USA.I intend to make the Thesis on the Replacing the asymptotic perturbative QTF theory(Feymann diagrams) by a Non-asymptotic QTF theory. Thank you very much in advanced. Francis Xavier Nguyen Dung. Vinh Diocese,Vietnam(country)
  18. M

    Postgraduate studies and previous studies

    Just a quick question. I'm in Australia and am currently studying Electrical Engineering. Prior to the university I am at now, I did a year at another university, and once I was accepted into the one that I am at now, I applied to receive credit/advanced standing for 4 subjects that I did at the...
  19. P

    Durham vs Manchester in Astrophysics (Cosmology) - Postgraduate

    Hi all. I have been applying for graduate (research) studies in Astrophysics (I am interested in cosmology - CMB, SNIa, models...) at some UK universities - Imperial College, Durham, Glasgow, Manchester. All of them have research groups in the field of cosmology. So far I have received an...
  20. I

    Guidance on Postgraduate Engineering pathways

    Are there any postgraduate engineering fields that involve working both with the industry and working in theoretical (physics, math) stuff? I'm thinking about (research) master's or PhD here. It seems that all engineering subfields are either purely academic or purely industry with no middle...
  21. B

    Taking some Postgraduate Years for Research

    Hi everyone, I'm in an M.S. program for physics. I am studying the quantum state of a photon in the presence of electrons and positrons as a research project in theoretical particle-physics. The research itself is going slowly, but as I take more classes, I get better at research...naturally...
  22. D

    Exploring the Shift: Postgraduate Engineering Courses at Australian Universities

    Hey. Im currently studying engineering at an Australian university at the undegraduate level, however the structure of the courses are all soon to change. Recently the university announced that as of 2012, all law, medicine and engineering courses will be only available at the postgraduate...
  23. D

    Mechanical Engineer Research for Aerospace Postgraduate Degree

    hi, I am rigth now a undergraduate pursuing my mechanical degree. I wish to join the best university for my post graduation in aerospace. So what are the fields I should research in as a mechanical engineer.
  24. L

    Schools Time of Postgraduate School :frown:

    I am so clueless about applying postgrad school. Thus, I have few concerns about them. but first of all, I have planned to apply the following school: University of Washington at Seattle PhD Maths UC San Diego PhD Maths UC berkeley PhD Applied Maths UC Los Angeles PhD Maths UCB M...
  25. S

    Postgraduate Physics in the UK.

    Could somebody tell what Durham and York are like for theoretical physics. Both of them have rank quite high on the RAE and Teaching Quality, but what are people's opinions of them. They're basically my first two choices for postgrad, so I'm looking for impressions of them. Even information on...
  26. I

    Explore Postgraduate & Postdoctoral Opportunities in Micro/Nanophysics

    Postgraduate and postdoctoral opportunities are available to work on various projects in the Micro/Nanophysics Research Laboratory at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Monash University. Current efforts in the laboratory are focused on understanding novel structural and fluidic phenomena...
  27. B

    US Universities for Postgraduate Studies in Astrophysics

    Hey, I'm a 2nd year student @ warwick university (UK) currently studying a masters in physics. I eventually plan on studying for a PhD in the states in Astrophysics.. Not many people seem to know around here so I thought I'd give this forum a shot.. Which schools in the US are well known...