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B Dynamics and Kinematics Interview Question Examples

  1. Mar 31, 2016 #1
    So, my teacher is going to do almost like an interview to the class, asking our knowledge about Dynamics and Kinematics, and I was wondering if I can get questions to test my knowledge in Dynamics and Kinematics to get ready for it.
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    Can you give examples of a conservative force and a non-conservative force? Why is the difference important to understand?
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    I've legit never heard of a conservative force, I don't think we ever learned it.
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    Then maybe, rather than posting a general question on your first post that encapsulated ALL of the known realm of mechanics and dynamics, how about you clarify at what level is this at? You need to remember that we can't read minds, and we have no idea the scope of what you are supposed to know, based simply on what you have written so far.

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    I travel the entire length from LA to New York and back to my starting point. What is my displacement.

    You are sitting in a car at 50mph and go around a bend, using Newton's laws describe the forces on yourself and the vehicle.

    What does the area under a velocity time graph give.

    What does the slope of a distance time graph give.

    What does a horizontal line on a velocity time graph mean.

    Explain how mass and weight are different.

    What is your weight, how many g's are you experiencing sitting on a chair.

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