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E= (-1)^(n)sin (1/n)/(ln(1+n))^(2) Converge or Diverge

  1. Sep 15, 2010 #1
    Does the following series converge(absolutely or conditionally) or diverge?

    E= (-1)^(n)sin (1/n)/(ln(1+n))^(2)

    can anyone help me solve this or atleast tell me which series test to use?

    thank u
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    Hint: Note that sin(n-1) < n-1.
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    so do i jus use the p-test

    don't i have to use the integral test making u=ln (n+1) ???
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    Rather than asking us what you should do at each step, why don't you try something and show us what you get? Post you working if you get stuck and then we can help you.
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