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E-beam Physical Vapour deposition

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    Hope we have some PVD specialists in the house :)
    we have a pfeiffer e-beam PVD in the lab which i use to deposit Ni and Pt thin films ( around 100nm each) on Si wafers. I have always had the problem of "Ni splashes" while heating the target ( with the e beam) which leads to a process stop ( maybe some of it reaches the filament ( source for electrons) beneath the target creating a short contact?. This means i need to restart the process using the software to deposit the remaining layer ( eg process stops at 70 nm i need to restart the process to deposit the 30 nm remainder layer)
    How can i reduce such splashes during sputtering? what parameters can be controlled to achieve sputtering without process stop ?

    Thank you ! and greets from DE.
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    I've had only limited experience with e-beam vapor deposition, but in other heating contexts contamination of the heated material is frequently the reason for sputters/splashes.
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