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    Can water vapor go directly into a solid

    If water vapor is pulled inwards and cooled at a fast enough rate could if be frozen back into a solid form? i understand that they would have to be froze together as soon as contact is made but if this is possible what would the temperature have to be? And could this be the only thing that can...
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    Atomic Layer Deposition Reactor Design?

    Is it made of quartz or stainless steel/aluminum or what? Does it matter which? that's all I need to know, I just cant seem to find if they can be made of standard vacuum metals or if they have to be quartz. Only really seen some diagrams mention quartz tubes but the pictures of large ones...
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    Unbiased Physical Vapor Deposition

    I apologize if this seems ignorant, but I am at a loss and I need some assistance. I recently built a small vacuum PVD system (Ion source, argon, target material, substrate cradle, etc.) and was showing it to a colleague when it was noticed that my system was unbiased. It actually didn't occur...