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E8 theory according to the dark matter and energy

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    Does the E8 theory that offered and posted by Antony Garrett Lisi,can explain the qualities and the source of the dark matter and dark energy in the universe?
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    Check out this thread:

    Garrett was recently discussing his current work in that thread. It was just last month. Several other people were asking him questions and he was replying. You could post a question in that thread and Garrett, or one of the others, might reply.

    Or if you scan through the discussion there you might find your questions had been partially answered.

    Just a comment: you might be well-advised to remain a bit skeptical about the phrase "dark energy".

    So far the evidence supports the idea of a cosmological (curvature) constant. With no clear indication that it arises from any type of energy. So far the observations are consistent with there simply being a constant term (a curvature which Einstein called Lambda) in the Einstein GR equation, and that constant not being zero.

    The evidence for dark matter, on the other hand, is fairly solid. It has been observed by its gravitational lensing effect---concentrations of clouds of dark matter have been measured and mapped etc.

    A unified model of geometry and matter, like Garrett's, needs to have a place for dark matter particle(s), but it would not need to have a place for any kind of "dark energy" in order to fit observations. A simple cosmological constant---a nonzero asymptotic expansion rate---would suffice.

    PS: I looked at Garrett's new paper, on pages 15 and 36, and it seems to me that he has this non-zero asymptotic expansion rate in his model. He calls it alpha. I just now posted about this in that earlier thread, where they were discussing. You can go there if you want. That would be a very clear organic way to include Einstein cosmological constant Lambda.
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