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Earth's Core Dynamics - Convection

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    Hi all,

    I am interested in rotating convection. Anyone know of any open questions, or where to find research topics in this area?

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    jim mcnamara

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    Not that I am aware of.... most experiments I know about deal with coriolis effects and weather, for example:

    This is the extent of my understanding: inner and outer cores rotate in different directions and the core rotates more rapidly than the the rest of the planet.
    This is really interesting, in fact way cool, but not what you want.

    Arianna Gleason researches core movements and related magnetic fields. She is a LANL postdoc working with the Stanford Extreme Environments Laboratory.
    Here is a list of her publications, she would definitely be aware of anything relevant:
    I cannot tell what level you are in terms of knowledge, so you have both livescience.com and actual research papers to play with.

    Perhaps @davenn knows more.
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