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Editing a Post on Topology and Analysis Forum

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    I recently completed a post on the Topology and Analysis forum ... after I posted, I noticed that some of my language was awkward and not quite clear ... so I wished to edit the post ...

    Can someone help with information on how to edit a post on Analysis and Topology ...

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    This one? Use the "Edit" button in the lower left of the post.
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    Hi mfb ... Still cannot find the button ... can see "edit tags" but not how to edit post

    OMG ... just found the edit button on this post and the other ... goodness! Its so faint as to be invisible on my computer anyway ...

    Thanks for the prompt help mfb ... appreciate it ...

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    @Math Amateur, be advised that the edit window is short-lived, just a few hours. After that time has elapsed you won't be able to edit your post. However, if you use the Report button and say what needs to be changed, one of the mentors can edit the post for you.
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    Thanks for that information ... appreciate the warning ... Thanks Mark44!
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